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Thread: 1998 Say Hey Draft

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    1998 Say Hey Draft

    I apologize for the delay. I’m working overnights this weekend and am not sleeping well. I should have the draft posted sometime tomorrow because I can’t format it on my phone. The first 6 teams should get their pick ready. You could even pm me your pick if you’d like. Once again I’m sorry, but once it’s up, it should go smoothly

    Round 1
    Pick Team Status Selection
    Due Date Tue 07/09 8:00:00 PM PST
    1 Groove City FunkShowBrothers (bigtank2000) POST SP Robert Snyder
    2 Toongabbie Top Guns (PornStar) AUTO SP David Binder
    3 San Francisco Transformers (Stumblebee) LIST SP Alonzo Schneider
    4 Miami Sharks (ELNITO) LIST 2B Lewis Vaughn
    5 Savannah Bananas (unowned) AUTO CF Wm Yelverton
    6 Ohio Legends (Dennis4485) LIST LF Tom Goss
    Due Date Wed 07/10 8:00:00 PM PST
    7 Winthrop Goats (EISON) AUTO LF James Walker
    8 San Francisco Transformers (Stumblebee) LIST SS Floyd Stevens
    9 Groove City FunkShowBrothers (bigtank2000) LIST SP Theodore Adams
    10 Akron Alchemist (acecat21) LIST SP Leonard Archer
    11 Albany Tigers (unowned) AUTO SS Julian Thomas
    12 Jakenya Typhoons (sigma957) LIST 1B Justin Self
    Due Date Thu 07/11 8:00:00 PM PST
    13 Wisconsin Bombers (BigBadRapperD) POST SP Kevin Simmons
    14 Constellation Cardinals (GoldenGhost) POST SP Kenneth Ward
    15 Milwaukee Braves (billyisgone14) AUTO 2B Mike Quintana
    16 San Francisco Transformers (stumblebee) LIST P Teddy Robinett
    17 Jersey City Jaguars (Rewstyr) AUTO CF David Watson
    18 Electric City Trolley (gtownmohawks) LIST RF Michael Stevens
    Due Date Fri 07/12 8:00:00 PM PST
    19 Raleigh Rebels (pearbear82) AUTO SS James Jenkins
    20 Delaware Surf (thisguy75) LIST SP Herbert Orr
    21 Moorabbin Panthers (unowned) AUTO C Jerry Taylor
    22 Austin Armadillos (TwoPint) LIST SP John Rasheed
    23 Long Island Dolphcats (Madipuppy) LIST P Randall Jeffers
    24 Fremont Eagles (Stickpizza3) AUTO RF Lawrence Martinez

    Round 2
    Pick Team Status Selection
    Due Date Sat 07/13 8:00:00 PM PST
    25 Fremont Eagles (Stickpizza3) AUTO SP Howard Castillo
    26 Toongabbie Top Guns (PornStar) AUTO P Peter Williams
    27 Wisconsin Bombers (BigBadRapperD) LIST P Don Burnett
    28 Miami Sharks (ELNITO) AUTO SP Steven Perez
    29 Savannah Bananas (unowned) AUTO SP Arthur Sizemore
    30 Ohio Legends (Dennis4485) LIST C Rodney Hartwell
    31 Winthrop Goats (EISON) AUTO CF Stanley Jefferson
    32 Albuquerque Attackers (Sataleeti) LIST SS Robert Orr
    33 Groove City FunkShowBrothers (bigtank2000) LIST 3B Adam Phipps
    34 Akron Alchemist (acecat21) AUTO P Bryan Bossert
    35 Albany Tigers (unowned) AUTO SP Michael Baxter
    36 Jakenya Typhoons (sigma957) INST SP Christopher Miller
    Due Date Sun 07/14 8:00:00 PM PST
    37 Madison Mallards (peb) LIST CF Randall Carey
    38 Constellation Cardinals (GoldenGhost) LIST 3B Shane Moody
    39 Milwaukee Braves (billyisgone14) AUTO 2B Robert Husted
    40 Maine Coons (shireknight) POST P Rashaad Leone
    41 Jersey City Jaguars (unowned) AUTO C Gus Swonger
    42 Electric City Trolley (gtownmohawks) LIST P Edward Lis
    43 Raleigh Rebels (pearbear82) AUTO C Martin Hendrickson
    44 Delaware Surf (thisguy75) LIST SS Joseph Lancaster
    45 Moorabbin Panthers (unowned) AUTO C Bradley Ohalloran
    46 Austin Armadillos (TwoPint) LIST SP Hubert Mateo
    47 Long Island Dolphcats (Madipuppy) AUTO SP Dewey Reynolds
    48 Delaware Surf (thisguy75) LIST 3B Russ Chase
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    Re: 1998 Say Hey Draft

    With #13 Wisconsin selects Pitcher Kevin Simmons.
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    Re: 1998 Say Hey Draft

    Constellation selects P Kenneth Ward
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    Quote Originally Posted by V.I. Incandenza
    man it's also really funny to see how much negative war prople have on their rosters. it's like dog by definition you can immediately replace that guy for free

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    Re: 1998 Say Hey Draft

    For the Typhoons #36 pick, plse give me the most expensive pitcher. Thanks

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    Re: 1998 Say Hey Draft

    Maine Coons select P Rashaad Leone if available. Else, Randall Jeffers.
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    Re: 1998 Say Hey Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by shireknight View Post
    Maine Coons select P Rashaad Leone if available. Else, Randall Jeffers.

    Jeffers was the #23 pick.
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    Re: 1998 Say Hey Draft

    not anymore


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