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Thread: House Cleaning

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    House Cleaning

    ..I went through all the unowned teams today, and cleaned up the LM's....Found a lot of 29 to 31 year olds, and moved any player 25 or older that could hold a bat by the handle or throw the ball without falling over into AAA. I released any players that totally sucked.
    ...Now, this is only in my own opinion, so, if anyone objects to any move I made, feel free to point out my error, and I'll fix it if needed.
    ...Mind you, I didn't touch any team with an owner, nor did I make any adjustment to a starting lineup. This was just to clean out the dugouts and remove the dead weight, and balance out the LM and AAA rosters, and hopefully make these teams more appealing to any potential future owners.
    ... I did check active rosters on some of these teams, but, none of them seemed to have reached any stage of extreme decay. You're welcome to evaluate these teams yourself and make any suggestions to improve their competitive level.
    ...I'm doing what I can to maintain the league, and keep it going. I hope these efforts meet with the other owners approval. Thanks...

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    Re: House Cleaning

    No objections and you could actually move any player up to AAA who is age 23 and up as there are no extra ratings bonuses in Low Minors once a player hits 23 years of age.


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