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Thread: MLB Classic Draft 2141

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    MLB Classic Draft 2141

    NOTE: Picks for block 8 are due at 11AM

    I've not run a draft working through it. Anyone with experience wants to help out, please let me know.

    I didn't see any draft pick trades for this season that needed to be reflected here, so let me know if you do.

    I'm slowing the sim rate and may have to pause it to get the draft in this year. If we get fast response, then I'll move up the time on the next block - so we can back to full speed as soon as possible. All times Eastern.

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: Jun 15th @ 8:00 PM
    1Toronto Blue JaysHasunpostedRonald Armijo C
    2 Seattle Marinersjdub67postedAndrew Taylor P
    3 Cincinnati RedsgsabinoPMVirgil Dunn P
    4Kansas City Royalsatcamp1976AutoLorenzo Monroe 3B
    5Cleveland IndiansSuperbigred1960PMBenjamin Gordon SS
    6Los Angeles DodgersBigdukesixPMStephen Engelbrecht SS
     Block 2  Due: Jun 16th @ 8:00 PM
    7Milwaukee BrewersSantoForHOFautoWilliam Perez P
    8Texas RangersnurmdogPMJames Dry SS
    9San Diego PadresBluntTraumaPMPhillip Porter SS
    10Montreal ExposDennis4485PMCurt Shearer C
    11Boston Red SoxStumbaPMDouglas Turney C
    12Arizona Diamondbacksspoonman1981PMFreddie Love CF
     Block 3  Due: Jun 17th @ 8:00 PM
    13Minnesota TwinsDiMopostedJacob Fletcher C
    14Oakland AthleticsMarquezRobertsPMRobert Chips P
    15Philadelphia PhilliesrynocubbiesPMMark Stanford RF
    16 New York YankeesjoeeccPostedRichard Clark 1B
    17Detroit TigersGrimmPMAntonio Childress P
    18 Chicago Cubstknol Mo West SS
     Block 4  Due: Jun 18th @ 2:00 PM
    19San Francisco GiantsverizerpostedRichard Hoffman LF
    20 Seattle Marinersjdub67postedGlen Allen 1B
    21Baltimore OriolesArizona CatsautoMichael Sandford 2B
    22New York Metsbigdbpimpin1PMLloyd Haase P
    23Atlanta Bravesorangecat13748PMRobert Gruber 2B
    24Chicago White SoxSharpe DispenserPMWilliam Hall P
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 5  Due: Jun 19th @ 2:00 PM
    25Boston Red SoxStumbapostedCarlos Gentile P
    26New York Metsbigdbpimpin1postedDouglas Cranston 1B
    27 Cincinnati RedsgsabinoPMJohn Harris P
    28Kansas City Royalsatcamp1976autoBilly Gibson P
    29Cleveland IndiansSuperbigred1960listCharles Overton CF
    30Los Angeles DodgersBigdukesixlistNick Cox P
     Block 6  Due: Jun 20th @ 2:00 PM
    31Milwaukee BrewersSantoForHOFautoSmokey Logan CF
    32Texas RangersnurmdoglistSaul Omar McKinney P
    33San Diego PadresBluntTraumalistJose hunt RF
    34San Diego PadresBluntTraumalistPatrick slaughter SS
    35Boston Red SoxStumbaPM listFranklin Joyal 3B
    36San Diego PadresBluntTraumalistJames Franklin P
     Block 7  Due: Jun 21st @ 2:00 PM
    37Minnesota TwinsDiMopostedRichard Nobles p
    38Oakland AthleticsMarquezRobertsPMMichael Polizzi 2B
    39Philadelphia PhilliesrynocubbieslistJoe Garcia P
    40 New York YankeesjoeecclistTony Garcia P
    41Detroit TigersGrimmlistShane Lau 1B
    42 Chicago Cubstknol Michael Ogden P
     Block 8  Due: Jun 22nd @ 11:00 AM
    43San Francisco GiantsverizerpostedKeeshawn Early P
    44 Seattle Marinersjdub67Instructions Robert Larkin
    45Baltimore OriolesArizona CatsInstructions Solomon Brown P
    46Chicago White SoxSharpe DispenserAutoBrandon Bryant C
    47Atlanta Bravesorangecat13748instructions Lamar Jiminez 1B
    48Chicago White SoxSharpe DispenserautoFrederick Cormack
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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    Ronald Armijo catcher Toronto Bluejays.

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    #2 Andrew Taylor P

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    The Twins select c Jacob Fletcher.

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    New York Yankees select:
    1B - Richard Clark

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    Since block 3 finished early, I've moved up future deadlines to 2pm EDT - We could see additional movement, as I'd like to get us back to 8/day as soon as possible.
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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    The Giants at Pick #19

    Richard Hoffman LF

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    #20 Glen Allen 1B

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    7/1/2141 Joseph Collins (2B) Traded from Boston Red Sox to Toronto Blue Jays
    7/1/2141 2nd Round Draft Pick (#25 overall Traded from Toronto Blue Jays to Boston Red Sox

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2141

    Thanks for posting the trade. I've made the adjustment to the draft list.
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