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Thread: 2064 Playoffs

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    2064 Playoffs

    ...Its been a weird year. But somehow, our league made it to the playoffs. Its nice to talk about baseball. But, its still weird. The Giants were cruising along, at 67-49 in the 2nd week of August. By season's end, we were 80-80..... Talk of "Can't anybody play this here game? and "Its a simple game... you throw the ball, you hit the ball" and more were heard as the season fell apart.
    ... The Giants finished tied for 2nd with the OC Waves. Only our 8-6 head to head record saved the season. Somehow, we stumbled into the playoffs. Then we won the division, sweeping the Peconic Bay Scallops 4-0, and outscoring them 18-5 along the way. Team ERA for the 4 games? 1.00... Weird. Weird, weird, weird..... But, that's baseball...

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    Re: 2064 Playoffs

    ....Looks like its the Snowmen vs Lake Erie in the Series. Giants fell in two extra inning games to finish their series with the Snowmen. On paper, looks like the Snowmen have the edge, but Lake Erie swept both of their playoff series, so, its a toss up for the World Series. During the regular season, the two teams met at the Pocket Snowmen's home field for a three game series, with the Snowmen taking the series 3-0. Homefield might decide this one.
    ...Hey guys, we're lucky to have gotten through this season, much less to the playoffs. Let's talk some baseball! What about you contenders?? (never should have traded William Bray to the Snowmen :P...)
    ... The Snowmen are led by sluggers Edwin Hensley (130 runs, 38 HR's, 137 RBI) and Kenneth Jordan(49 HR, 146 RBI)... They also sport a deep starting staff, led by Edward Allen's 23-6 record and 2.62 ERA.
    ..Lake Eire is no slouch at the plate either, with Jesse Murphy's 43 HR's and 120 RBI leading the pack. A quartet of double figured winners rounds out their starting staff, but, the Monsters' team ERA of 4.62 doens't stand up to the Snowmen's 3.75 runs per game.

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    Re: 2064 Playoffs

    ...Well, the Snowmen took the World Series 4 games to 2 over Lake Erie. Congrats to the Snowmen. Its been a bittersweet season.
    ...I hope we have a next season, I've had a lot of fun these past many seasons, lots of good memories and I'd like it to continue. Hasn't been much chatter in the dugout lately, life is tough and there are always distractions, but, isn't that part of what brought us all here in the first place? That and a love of baseball.
    ...Congrats again to the Snowmen, and here's to next year... PLAYBALL!


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