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Thread: Congratulations, Apopka Purge!

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    Re: Congratulations, Apopka Purge!

    Umm, just playing by the rules of the game. I'm not going around anything. If the game as designed permits it then its certainly legal. I don't know how many times I (and others) have to say it, if you don't like how a league is set up then find one that you do.

    I'm in a lot of leagues, some with caps, some with draft penalties, some with wheel drafts, some with PSFAs, whatever. I've won in them all. I'm in a LOT of leagues though so I'm bound to win a few by accident. I've rebuilt teams to win, I've maintained long run of success, I've found lightning in a bottle. I'm sure everyone has.

    I decided to revamp my team a number of seasons ago and went though some hard years and now I'm collecting on the work I've done. I can't check now biut I think my first two wins in this run was with a salary that was under the cap (I can't swear to it, again, a lot of teams) but I've done it in this game. Is it easier when you can draft amd keep talent? Sure. Does it mean you'll end up at a cap number north of $80M? Eventually it could, sure. However, I'd like to think that its because I traded for picks and then made shrewd selections with those picks. If I do my job then those players blossom and, well, cost money.

    I'm in cap leagues (EP, TCB, a few others) and I admit its a different animal. TBH, I like the leagues that do not require all of the manual labor to run (no live drafts, no "hard" caps, etc) simply because its easier to keep track of. Sometimes its a pain to have to make time to send a draft list or cut your roster under a cap. At the same time, I like the variety.

    Anyway, I think you've done a great job managing your squad and, to be honest, I admire it. I do look at how other owners construct teams and find way to save money in doing so, whether to say under a cap and/or to preserve allocations. I admit that I tend to hold on to marginal players with higher-that-needed salaries just because I want the best bench players and bullpen pitchers "just in case". I've seen how other owners find the defensive specialists at less money or two platoon guys that do the same job as a star at half the price. Same for the bullpen, I know I don't have to keep a $2M guy at MR2 or whatever just in case he has to pitch 20 innings a year.

    I've actually learned from guys like you in the recent months and have tried to reduce some of my cap numbers for that flexibility. I think there are likely dozens of managers who manage their caps better than I do. Same could be said of trades, or drafting, or whatever. However, to say I'm gaming the system or whatever, no sir, I'm not. That sounds like I'm cheating or the like when its obvious I'm not. I'm just playing by the same rules the other 23 guys are (or could choose to). I don't care how its worded.

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    Re: Congratulations, Apopka Purge!

    Quote Originally Posted by BigTweed View Post
    It's not a soft cap. It's bullsh!t. Either there's a cap or not. As a team that generally operates under the cap - my team often suffers. And now that I've put a great team together under the rules of CSFBL, made the World Series, I get thumped by someone almost 50% over the cap. That's strategy at gaming the system, but is it really strategy? Made the series at $59.8 mil. Think I judged talent pretty well - had 2 solid contributors that were under $1 mil. This is the only league I play in that doesn't enforce some type of cap management. Some leagues take away draft picks, other release force a release of players, etc. It can be done - if you want too. If we don't consider a level playing field - be prepared for me to quit paying attention to my team for a year or so, so I can get crazy over the cap and dominate.... or you might have to replace me as an owner - and I've been playing this game since verson 1 (2001) when the system automatically cut players if you were over the cap.

    Sounds like sour grapes? Maybe. Good job managing around the system, Apopka. That part is smart.
    This is bull. We've been over the pros and cons of going over the cap for 10+ seasons now, ad nauseum, so let's not re-has those arguments.

    What I think should be up for discussion is HOW someone ends up over the cap. You can't sign a player to take you over the cap, or trade for someone to take you over the cap. The only way to end up over it is to have a team under teh cap, whose players then improve and have their salaries raised, and simply not release them. Teams have been doing that in our league for years; 95% of the time, those teams are terrible. They can't add free agents, don't draft well, and have a couple or three superstars and no overall quality. They're easy to bounce.

    I'm glad you took the work to build your team, and am glad another team like you is in the league. I don't know how many seasons you planned ahead to build this group, but what should be obvious is that Apopka's team took something like 10 seasons worth of planning. I literally remember this draft when he took the pitcher I had rated at #1 overall and the hitter I had at number 6 at positions 13 and 17:

    I remember this because I thought one or the other might fall. That was 12 seasons ago. It takes foresight to plan out a team while you still have scouting, get a full lineup and full staff, deal with their declines from lack of available front office money, deal with lack of reinforcements from the draft because you have no scouting, and have no chance at the free agents cheaper teams can acquire. This is especially significant given that our league auto-generates 5 free agents a year, very often containing sonme absolute stars.

    Anyway, I don't think you should be mad at Apopka or the system, just the other owners who let players like that fall. A lot of teams could have used a CY Young winner or batting champion; instead they left both for the middle rounds of a draft.

    Also, I'm in a couple hardcore leagues like CSFBL Justice, where the salary cap is hard and so severe that there's constant roster turnover each year. I get the appeal, but to me, this is better. It takes a well-executed plan carried out over 5+ seasons to win multiple titles in this league, not just one or two quick turn-and-burn offseasons. You have to go through careful drafting, development, and either preening valuable players or playing blind based on what you knew from 5 seasons ago's scouting. It's really hard, and I think takes some intelligence. How do I know this? Because 5 teams have been trying every year for something like the 50+ seasons I've been in this league, and this is the first one to work.

    I say all of this as someone who, I don't believe, has been over the cap, hard or, soft, in something like 50+ seasons of management. Why? Because I think it is easier to win NOT going over the cap. I'm sorry there's one juggernaut of a team blowing a lot of other teams out. I was, believe it or not, kind of sorry when I was enjoying periods of success without much competition (using, by the way, a totally different strategy). But I think it's silly to blame the cap rules, the owner for gaming the system, or anything like that. What mostly sucks is somebody pulled off a plan over the course of 10+ seasons of foresight, and no one else was even coming close to pulling off a comparable scheme, just looking for quick fixes. That's the reason this is happening.

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    Re: Congratulations, Apopka Purge!

    Soft caps are just fine. Losing scouting, losing Dev/Drills, losing ability to trade for more salary than sending and losing ability to sign free agents is the soft part of the cap. It's not like anyone is adding salary and then adding more salary. What happens is if you do a great job at building your team all similarly in age your salary can balloon, but there is nothing nefarious about it. I love the soft cap and encourage people to work hard within the rules to field the best possible team. This is a strategy game and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what happened here. Nothing.

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