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Thread: 2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

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    2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: May 17th @ 10:00 PM EST
    1Binghamton Rumble PoniesZubaZPOST2B, Kevin Hughes $1,477,000
    2Trenton ThunderDavecoolPOSTP, Jacob Giese $3,512,000
    3New Britain Rock CatsbratschAUTOP, James Rhodes $2,016,000
     Block 2  Due: May 18th @ 10:00 PM EST
    4Arkansas Travelerstheoh1949AUTODennis Melendez $1,886,000
    5Portland Sea Dogsatcamp1976AUTOJerome Hopes $1,680,000
    6Mobile Bay BearsfmonsterAUTOWillie Bolden $1,597,000
     Block 3  Due: May 19th @ 10:00 PM EST
    7Corpus Christi Hooksjfn99fanPOSTLF, Robert Long $1,561,000
    8Bowie BaysoxControllerBPOSTP, David Babb $1,290,000
    9Hartford Yard Goatsacecat21AUTO2B, Gene Gordon 1,444,000
     Block 4  Due: May 20th @ 10:00 PM EST
    10Tennessee SmokiesNaxxusPOST3B, James Porter $1,382,000
    11Reading PhilliesBigdukesixLISTSS, Robert Preston $666,000
    12Birmingham BaronsManzanitaAUTOC, Emmett Tart $1,427,000
     Block 5  Due: May 21st @ 10:00 PM EST
    13Altoona CurveJvsoxsportsAUTOCF, Thomas Tucker $1,236,000
    14Erie SeawolvesR. DillmanAUTO3B, Steve McDill $1,187,000
    15New Hampshire FishercatsWilly078AUTOP, Cortez Guinan $1,117,000
     Block 6  Due: May 22nd @ 10:00 PM EST
    16Jacksonville SunsRuse  
    17Mississippi BravesThe Underdogs  
    18Midland Rockhoundsunowned  
     Block 7  Due: May 23rd @ 10:00 PM EST
    19Akron RubberDucksninthgate  
    20Chattanooga Lookoutsdavels  
    21Maryland Flying SquirrelsNatsDC2019  
     Block 8  Due: May 24th @ 10:00 PM EST
    22Springfield CardinalsV.I. Incandenza  
    23Harrisburg SenatorsTwoPint  
    24San Antonio Missionsjimch11  
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 9  Due: May 25th @ 10:00 PM EST
    25Binghamton Rumble PoniesZubaZ  
    26Trenton ThunderDavecool  
    27New Britain Rock Catsbratsch  
    28Arkansas Travelerstheoh1949  
    29Portland Sea Dogsatcamp1976  
    30Mobile Bay Bearsfmonster  
     Block 10  Due: May 26th @ 10:00 PM EST
    31Corpus Christi Hooksjfn99fan  
    32Bowie BaysoxControllerB  
    33Hartford Yard Goatsacecat21  
    34Tennessee SmokiesNaxxus  
    35Reading PhilliesBigdukesix  
    36Birmingham BaronsManzanita  
     Block 11  Due: May 27th @ 10:00 PM EST
    37Altoona CurveJvsoxsports  
    38Erie SeawolvesR. Dillman  
    39New Hampshire FishercatsWilly078  
    40Jacksonville SunsRuse  
    41Mississippi BravesThe Underdogs  
    42Midland Rockhoundsunowned  
     Block 12  Due: May 28th @ 10:00 PM EST
    43Akron RubberDucksninthgate  
    44Chattanooga Lookoutsdavels  
    45Maryland Flying SquirrelsNatsDC2019  
    46Springfield CardinalsV.I. Incandenza  
    47Harrisburg SenatorsTwoPint  
    48San Antonio Missionsjimch11  
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    Re: 2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

    What a brutal choice. Everyone in the top 10 is getting a stud.

    For me i had to take - 2B Kevin Hughes. He is just a 2 time MVP caliber guy.

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    Re: 2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

    Trenton selects P Jacob Giese

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    Re: 2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

    Hooks will select LF Robert Long

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    Re: 2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

    Bowie Baysox select P David Babb.
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    Re: 2113 MLB ReMake AA Draft

    with the 10th pick the smokies take James Porter 3B


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