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Thread: Open for trades

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    Open for trades

    Time has come. About everyone on St. Paul's active roster is available, except for Bucher, Felder, Vickers, Kim and Hubbard.

    Roster :

    We'd like to get a bit younger, but still, we're open to all sort of trades.

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    Re: Open for trades

    Couple of trades so far. The biggest one saw former ROY, Cy Young winner, 10-time all star and 2 times WS winner Connor Rivard leave St. Paul for Sioux Falls.

    We wish him best of luck there!

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    Re: Open for trades

    I will entertain about every offer for any player on my active roster:

    Looking for young players, prospects, draft picks.

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    Re: Open for trades

    Anybody wants a 78 RA shortstop? Demarion Walters could be yours for a 2nd round pick. He's a decent option in middle field that can help a containder team.

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    Re: Open for trades

    Someone's looking for a power bat? Antonio Herman is up to grab. He already have 32 HR (and counting!) for the season.

    He's only 30 yo, so he's far from being over.

    Looking for a pick next year or an average prospect.


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