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    Quote Originally Posted by djohnston View Post
    I don't like seeing great players over 23 y/o in the minors. I may have to look at this.
    Sometimes it's also benching players.

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    Re: Trades 2098 let's make this exciting!

    I mean I don't think it's bad per se, but in real life you could not get away with benching a good player. To make it as realistic as possible it is my opinion that we should have some benefits attached to winning MVP, CYA, ROY like extra cap or something to that effect. This might have an incentive to play the players rather than bench them. Also maybe an incentive for the team that gets someone into the Hall of Fame. This will promote realism and stat parity.

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    Milky Way is the most competitive Division

    Crazy jockeying for position!!!

    The WS Champions will be from the Milky Way

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    Trades 2099?

    Let's get it!

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