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Thread: Are we worth saving?

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    Are we worth saving?

    ...Here it is again, the end of a season which sees yet another key owner drop from AOR Die-Hards.... We're down to 11 owners, now and so we are "paused"... 3rd dam*** year in a row now...
    ... This has been the case in the last few seasons, and its frustrating, seeing what has been a great league dwindle like this. Its worse this time.
    ...I'm not seeing anyone post messages in the league about how to save it... Are the PM's flying back and forth? Not seeing it. Maybe I am out of the loop. I can get my older brother to join, once again, but, that is not going to be enough this time around. We need more than one more owner now.
    ... I have to ask, here in open forum....Are we worth it? Is there any fire left? Is mere survival enough? Who is going to step up? Heck, the Giants are rebuilding right now. You winners, don't you want to keep winning?
    ...Has the time come for the AOR Die Hards to hang up their cleats and toss their glove in the back yard for the family dog to use as a chew toy?
    ...Its been a great league for a looong time and I've had a lot of fun all these seasons. Been more years than I can remember. Without a doubt, this is my favorite league. Always will be. Wouldn't bother otherwise. Thanks for the memories..
    ... Listen, don't mind me, its not personal. I'm just the old guy with season tickets, sitting behind the dugout. The beer is always sour, the hotdogs too cold, the mustard too sweet. But, I show up for every game, and, my voice is heard. Right now it echoes in an empty ballpark.... "Playball!"....
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    Re: Are we worth saving?

    Sentimental because this is one of my oldest leagues but frustrating at the same time. Maybe we ought to give it one more shot. If everyone could post in all their leagues that we have a good thing here and are trying to keep it going then perhaps we can gain some good owners. I can't do it right now (really busy) but I'll put the word out in my other leagues in a few days. If that doesn't work then maybe you're right, just let the old friend die.

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    Re: Are we worth saving?

    I hate to be the pessimist here as I like seeing leagues I've been in for a long time thrive but I don't see it happening with this league. With us being at 11 owners right now, we realistically need 7-10 owners to regain stability. There are always people leaving leagues and the ones who are looking for new leagues usually look for stable ones with only a couple or few openings. I am going to hang around for a little while to see if the league can be revitalized but unfortunately I'm not hopeful.

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    Re: Are we worth saving?

    I think there are some notable absentees from this thread.... Other owners, commishes, how about it?

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    Re: Are we worth saving?

    ...I just think its unusual that doaf hasn't made any comments here. I pm'd him when this first happened, and have not heard anything back. Without his imput and energy, we could be toast. Thanks to everyone who has commented here.
    ... Now to business. I can pledge one owner... anyone else?

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    Re: Are we worth saving?

    I'm still here, but I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of new ideas, or new owner prospects.. I haven't been devoting the attention to CSFBL that I used to.
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