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Thread: Changes in Oakland

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    Changes in Oakland

    Coming off their 4th WS trip and 3rd title of the 80's, Oakland was primed to bring back almost their entire roster intact. Management knew that long time Oakland pitcher John Donato would need to be released because of cap issues. This was done early in the offseason to get Oakland under the cap. Luckily, it looks like Donato has already found a new home in the Yankees rotation.

    Oakland thought about making that their only move, however, after running numbers, looking at the FA wire, and looking to the future of this team, management decided to take some potentially controversial moves. The first move was to release starting LFer and leadoff man Daniel Griffin. He was great for us during the regular season, but, struggled mightily in the playoffs. As a former wire pickup of us, he started two seasons and put up decent numbers. However, management felt that with his salary, this would be a good time to look to other alternatives. We signed young CFer Sam Smith to be our new LFer. He put up intriguing numbers for Texas in 2085 and we thought we would take a flyer on him. The biggest reason for the release of Griffin was to go after young 2B Norman Cato. He was dropped by Tampa Bay early in the preseason and management really wanted to get their hands on him. With a depleted farm system and some aging players, management felt this was a chance to inject some life into the farm system. Management immediately moved him to 3B and he will be the next players at that position for Oakland, possibly as soon as next season.

    All offseason there were rumblings that Oakland was entertaining offers for slugging 1B Gerald Chavez. Oakland had received inquiries, but, wasn't able to find anything to their liking. However, Tampa Bay came calling and after some brief negotiations, we were able to put a deal together. In the deal, Oakland acquired RF Dave Medina and 0 exp CF Kevin Thatcher. Although we signed Sam Smith earlier to be our LF, he will now become our 4th OF. Medina will be our starting LFer and Thatcher is going to become our 1B. The part of the deal that made this easier for management was that Oakland also acquired the #10 overall pick in the draft. This will help rebuild the farm system.

    While losing Chavez will likely be felt offensively, management feels that Oakland can still be competitive this season and compete for a playoff spot again. Our entire starting rotation is back and looking to lead this team.

    However, if there is one thing that Oakland management has shown, it is that they are willing to pull the trigger on trades quickly if they feel the need. So, stay tuned to see how the season is going in Oakland. Fans and management together are feeling a little more anxiety than they should after a 3rd WS title.

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    Re: Changes in Oakland

    Donato will be our opening day starter


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