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Thread: 2002 Traded Picks

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    2002 Traded Picks

    Lake Mary owns Conroe's 1st and 2nd round picks in 2002.

    Conroe sends its 1st and 2nd round picks in the next two drafts (2001 & 2002)"
    - Owner, Lake Mary Legion
    From Conroe Cardinals:
    C: Maurice Burns ($1,203,000)
    LF: Raymond Funk ($1,448,000)
    SS: Timothy Knutson ($1,700,000)
    Second Round Draft Pick: #25 overall
    From Lake Mary Legion:
    1B: Charles Morey ($6,839,000)
    P: Orville Belvin ($2,747,000)
    SS: James Maynard ($8,191,000)

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    Re: 2002 Traded Picks

    "Outlaws will send their2002 1st,2nd & 3rd round picks"
    - Owner, Oklahoma City Outlaws
    From Oklahoma City Outlaws:
    SS: Charles Gonzales ($1,165,000)
    LF: Gavin Walker ($698,000)
    P: Brandon Johnston ($3,166,000)
    From Tucson Rattlers:
    P: Robert Slater ($3,989,000)
    P: Craig Jimenez ($3,091,000)
    ROT [Monroe Township Mental Midgets]89 Public-Retired*
    ASG [San Diego Padres]12,13,15[New York Highlanders]
    BD [Jersey Jerks][New Jerzee Corrupt Jerks] Founder
    NAL [Atlantic City Bacharach Giants]21 -Retired*
    The Show [Jerzee Shore Rejects]37,38-Retired*
    TML [New York Highlanders]11-Retired*
    Xtra Bases [Atlantic City Gamblers]06
    IBL [Washington Wild Things]56
    RCL [South Philadelphia Untouchables]
    RSN [Las Vegas 51's]
    TGL [SOA]83

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    Re: 2002 Traded Picks

    Sacramento has traded the Highlanders its first round pick in 2002 in the following deal:

    Trade proposed by Sacramento Sonics to Winnipeg Highlanders: Cancel offer
    "Includes Sacramento's first round pick next year (2002)"
    - Owner, Sacramento Sonics
    From Winnipeg Highlanders:
    C: Everett Nealy ($5,016,000)
    From Sacramento Sonics:
    2B: Jeffery Bowden ($2,200,000)

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    Re: 2002 Traded Picks

    Cybertron 2002 1st rounder and the 43rd pick in 2000 to Lake Mary for pick 22 in 2000

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    Re: 2002 Traded Picks

    Cybertron 2002 2nd and 3rd rounders to Brandon in Henry Green deal


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