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Thread: 2110 Draft

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    2110 Draft

    Block1 Wed 2/27 9pm EDT
    Taiwan Chinese Taipei Bryan Smith, 3B $2,921,000
    Toronto Black Jays Ryan Fonseca, LF $2,249,000
    Bronx Bombers Rube Goldberg, CF $2,097,000
    Vincent Yellow Jackets Andy Lamphear, 1B $2,062,000
    Rapid City Golden Hawks Joseph Centeno, SS $2,062,000
    Albuquerque Gamma Rays Steven Christian, SS $2,019,000

    Block2 Thurs 2/28 9pm EDT
    Richmond Flying Squirrels James Rollins, C $2,012,000
    Rooklyn Horde Julius Moore, 2B $1,676,000
    Thule Seals Gregory Murillo, 2B $1,632,000
    Alvinston Wildcats Gerald Phillips, 2B $1,564,000
    Real Battle Creek Wolverines Dale Cook, P $1,409,000
    Buffalo Bulls Robert Alvarez, 3B $521,000

    Block3 Fri 3/1 9pm EDT
    Montreal Night Owls Gregory Dennis, P $1,274,000
    EverDark Aces Thomas Blythe ,1B
    Orlando Power Surge Walter Burger, RF $1,038,000
    Vienna Brewers Robert Basso, P $1,014,000
    Long Island Ducks Rodney Gilbert, P $861,000
    Unadilla Yayhoos Angel Findlay, SS $714,000

    Block4 Sun3/3 9pm EDT
    Minnesota Satellite of Love Michael Stegmar, C $823,000
    Baden-Wurttemberg Wolves Jose Crawford, P $927,000
    Vancouver Continuum Deontay Parker, 1B $922,000
    FBI Special Agents Mark Dingle, P $817,000
    Tampa Bay Sugar Bernardo Mayfield, CF $807,000
    Baltimore Elite Giants Martin Scarborough, RF $711,000
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    Re: 2110 Draft

    Minnesota would like to select Michael Stegmar (C). Thanks.


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