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Thread: Rule 5 drafts?

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    Rule 5 drafts?

    Any leagues do a defacto Rule 5 draft (or some other non-amateur draft)? I've been kicking around an idea for one for awhile and wanted to see what else was out there.

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    Re: Rule 5 drafts?

    Not sure how it could be done well. It would save some 25 and older players from dying in the Lows, but on the other hand it would have to be done by age, because if done by years since drafted, people might be less apt to draft 18 year olds who would take awhile to develop. (example: In one league I took an 18 year old CF who has great potentials, but I know he will be unlikely to be ready for the majors till at least age 22, probably 23. So, what motivation would there be to take him in the 1st rd, if I know I am just developing him for another team for nothing, or bring him up too early where he has no chance of developing his potential)


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