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    League Openings

    Guys, just wanted to put it out there that other 2 A Day Leagues are looking for new owners:

    Trabuco Triples - just under .500 at 46-48 and still in the race. Some nice young players, especially Pitchers.

    League has live draft, no name restrictions and a $60M salary.


    1) Tucson Toros - currently in the League Championship Series. Finished 81-79 in regular season and looking for someone to take them to a WS!
    2) Vallejo Admirals - finished the season with Division's best record (90-70) and one of the top teams in the league.
    3) Rockford Riverhawks - finished 75-85, so a bit of a reclamation project. Some older Vets and some solid younger Pitchers.

    NOTE: This league requires an owner to have the name of an actual active or defunct Independent league team name. Live Draft, $60M Salary Cap.


    1) Hampton Gulls (62-52) Currently just 2 games out of 1st; team has been runner-up in 3 of last 4 WS, and has been a very well maintained team. Some good pieces to work with.
    2) Southern California Rotation (41-74) - Project team looking for some TLC! If you're a "builder", here's your chance!
    3) Tenafly Flyers (67-47) - currently 3rd in their Division, but plenty of time to get back into it. Team was a bottom dweller in the past, but latest owner did a great job of getting them back to respectability.

    League recently became private. Very laid back league, with no draft and $50M Salary Cap.


    1) Pittsburgh Alleghenys (77-66) - Currently 2nd in Division, just 4 games out of 1st. Solid team with Veteran Pitching staff, looking for their 1st play-off opportunity.
    2) Indianapolis Blues (80-62) - Also currently 2nd in their division, just 4 games out. Well constructed team with plenty of upside.
    3) Buffalo Bisons (70-72) - Solid roster, but older Pitching staff. Could use a little work.
    4) Providence Greys (60-82) - Last place team, need lots of TLC. But your the man to get it done.

    NOTE: This is a very unique league, that actually simulates the use of a DH to serve as a Pitcher in the line-up (player must have a $450,000 or lower salary); pretty cool concept! Live draft, great owners and a $55M Hard Cap.


    League has just recently gone private after being a 4 a day league. Six openings and the League will be having a MAJOR overhaul at seasons end. Get in and join the gang!

    If you have any interest in any of these teams, drop me a line!

    Regareds, 'Nod.
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