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    If you have the #2 pick in the draft, you might want to consider not trading it for a bunch of bad players.
    You're welcome.

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    Re: Advice

    Or the 7th pick. Holy cow, do you people even look at the value of what is actually offered to you or just hit accept?

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    Re: Advice

    lol... I was going to say something about both of those trades but didn't know how it would go over being so new. I am glad to see I am not the only one who thinks both of those trades make absolutely no sense.

    If anyone else wants to trade a top pick for a bunch of broken toys send me a message!

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    Re: Advice

    Indianapolis trades a top 5 pick for peanuts roughly every other year. It is not good for the league. Looks like there was another pick going the other way, but the trade does not make sense anyway, and the long term pattern is suspicious.


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