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Thread: 15 Years Later: A look back at the 1983 and 1984 Drafts

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    Re: 15 Years Later: A look back at the 1983 and 1984 Drafts

    These have been great. Keep it up!
    Coventry 2 Tones (Blue Chip)
    Ruby Ridge Snipers (EP)
    Waco Firestarters (Big League)
    Syracuse Chiefs (AAA)
    Beecher Bibles (LEG)
    Great Goat Island Rude Boys (Caribbean) 2048
    Rando's Crew (LoL)
    Fon du Lac Dock Spiders (TCB)
    Waco Firestarters (Say Hey) 1992
    Mississippi Braves (AA)

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    Re: 15 Years Later: A look back at the 1983 and 1984 Drafts

    Quote Originally Posted by TyrusCobb View Post
    Rabbit Peters - great name! And a great pick for #49. Especially considering all the duds in Round 1. :-)

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    My 1984 review will have a best name now. Rabbit Peters was the clear winner of 1983.

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    Re: 15 Years Later: A look back at the 1983 and 1984 Drafts

    I've been slow to get to this one because I saw that something was off, I had to do some research and it appears that there was a team with full low minors that ended up messing up the draft. So the numbers in game are not accurate. I will review this one based on the forum post draft position and hopefully, it will match up with the teams they started on.

    Overall, this draft was fairly weak. The first pick was an auto and his starting salary was just 1.4 million so not a lot of easy picks to be made in this draft.

    1. Pedro Blue (20, P, King County)

    Blue was an auto first overall and spent time in the low minors until age 25. He earned Rookie of the Year honors and six all-star nods but has definitely seen his production crater in the past two years. A solid ten years with 153 wins and a 3.12 ERA to go with his two World Series rings. He wasn't the stud you'd want from a #1 overall but he was very productive and honestly looks like he was one of the top players. Probably could've made a run at 200 wins if he had started his career a few years earlier.

    2. Yam Dorsey (20, P, Jtown)

    An early favorite for best name, Dorsey is in the game as being picked 9th but was officially the #2 pick. He had a solid career and it's surprising he hasn't even received an All-Star nod in career. He had a great 1994 season, going 21-10 with a 3.49 ERA and a couple of other strong seasons but just couldn't get the recognition. With 184 wins in his career he leads all 1984 draftees in that category. He might have the most wins of anyone without an All-Star appearance as well. A pretty good pickup considering the draft depth.

    3. Paul Johnson (20, C, Hebron)

    Johnson is our first bust in the block, as he managed just four full seasons but was an all-star in two of them. His 1991 season even saw him bring home the Silver Slugger at Catcher. Still, he managed to appear in just 655 games in his career and was let go by Hebron in the 1995 season. He spent three seasons getting minimal playing time for Keokuk before retiring.

    4. Earnest Landers (20, P, High Point)

    Landers is still chugging along but has not had a great career. He managed to reach double digit wins just once and in his six years as a starter, he never managed a record over .500. His inability to go deep into games made it difficult for him and never managed to reach 200 innings in a single season. Landers has given his career some new life as a closer last season, saving 41 games in 50 chances. He may have a year or two left as the closer in High Point but his career numbers are certainly not what you want as a #4 overall.

    5. Eric Hampton (22, P, Ruby Ridge)

    Hampton got some starts immediately for Ruby Ridge but struggled to go deep into games and was released after getting just 15 wins in his first four seasons. He was picked up by Berkshire as a bullpen arm and has been reasonable in that role. One of his more interesting years was 1993 when he pitched in 15 games with 0 starts but managed 59 1/3 innings in those games, an average of almost four innings per appearance. He has been getting minimal usage in his time in Berkshire lately and has just 740 innings over his 16 seasons.

    6. Paul Ferrari (17, P, Tomball)

    Ferrari was in the midst of a 4-12 season when he was traded off to Seattle. Seattle paid a pretty big price for a guy who was 29-37 and never got his ERA below 4. Ferrari ended up being a solid but not spectacular starter for Seattle over the next five seasons, putting up some good numbers but when the Seattle dynasty started to crumble, his win total suffered. A career line of 112-117 and a 4.15 ERA doesn't jump off the page at you but the haul Tomball got for him might be his biggest accomplishment.

    Marsupial's Best of the Block: Pedro Blue was in the top 10 all-time for ERA for awhile before struggling in his last few seasons. I have him and Dorsey as very close. It still blows my mind that Dorsey didn't get an All-Star selection in his career. The top 2 picks are pretty close though.

    Marsupial's Flop of the Block: Everyone else. Johnson's really short career probably makes him the bottom of the block but you could make a case for Hampton or Landers as well. Perrari is safe at the #3 of the block.

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