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Thread: Game 7 here we go

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    Game 7 here we go

    The soul have owned me all season. This is my chance. It all comes down to this one game. Let's go west side. Time to throw down

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    Re: Game 7 here we go

    LOL, would love to have said it was a good game but you guys smoked us! Brave call starting Miller on 3 days rest, was hoping to get to your bullpen earlier because of that but he instead spun a 71 pitch complete game shutout. It didn't help of course that my own ace, Hamrick, got shelled badly along with the bullpen, but it wouldn't have mattered.

    But really this series was won in those 3 straight wins you had at home. The fact that the Soul never really could find a shutdown closer this season ultimately ended us I think.

    Good luck in the finals!
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