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Thread: Introduce Yourselves

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    Exclamation Introduce Yourselves

    Let's this thread be for introducing ourselves

    Please give a brief explanation of what you will bring to the league. This could be a good thread to get to know each other and also potentially find other users to potentially work with.

    I highly encourage users to consider branching out and working with other users as that is a key component to the league. I really want to see some users learn the game through a mentor via this league. I wouldnt mind seeing some very strong user combos that can result in some very fun storylines that go beyond the game

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    Re: Introduce Yourselves

    I'll start.

    I'm Rando, I come from many leagues. I've had my taste of defeat as well as success across the top teir leagues. I bring entertainment to the forums wherever I go. I plan to make this league the most entertaining in CSFBL history.

    I think I'm going to dominate this league, but it's going to be fun without scouting. This is going to be different. Looking for someone to co manage a franchise with, and potentially mentor. Also open to working with someone more experienced.

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    Unrecognized Creator of the Anti-Tank Movement in CSFBL.

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    Re: Introduce Yourselves

    I am groot luke. I am both stupid and smart. If you want to know something specific, ask away people

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    Re: Introduce Yourselves

    I´m ruse

    I´m involved in many leagues where i often reach playoffs but had decent success then.
    I would enjoy to join an NCAA Team and try to find great Talents in Recruiting and maybe got some wins against MLB Teams.
    If i can help someone to learn the game i gave my best to help, also i try to promote my Players when i find time.


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