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Thread: 2105 Season Discussion

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    Re: 2105 Season Discussion

    congrats. you inherited a solid team when you took over, but have done a very nice job of keeping it together and going on a nice run

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    Re: 2105 Season Discussion

    Thanks for the congrats everyone.

    When I took over the team they were playing in the WS and to not disrupt what was going on, I didn't look or ****** with anything. They lost.

    I then looked and wondered how they got there. a $12 mil and $8 mil pitcher and a whole lot of role players, I was lost. I have never seen such a thing.

    It was pure luck on my part (and the $12 mil and $8 mil pitchers) for me to get that 1st WS title....and 5 SS on the roster.

    Then we changed the format and I had to lose a whole lot of flexibility from the roster. I guess I guessed right but I was without most of my SS backups.

    Long story short....I learned a lot about SS flexibility and having a $12 mil and $8 mil pitching duo....making the playoffs is by far the hardest part when every 3rd game in the playoffs you can throw out a guy that is more than likely going to hold the opp to 3 runs or less...and then another guy in between that does almost the same.

    So, yes, inheriting those guys made it easy in the playoffs and maybe even getting there but I learned a lot about those low salaried position players and what they can do. For that I thank the previous owner. Well constructed!

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