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Thread: Problem with new computer

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    Problem with new computer

    Got a new computer, as my last one gave out to old age.

    My problem is that while I remembered my password to the forums, I have forgotten my password to the game itself (my mistake for doing 2 different ones I suppose).

    But, I don't really have a separate e-mail address right now, is it possible to send a new password to my notifications (fine if not-but I was curious if it was an easier workaround than getting a new e-mail)

    Note: Been trying to set up a new account on any site, but without an active email or mobile phone this is impossible. So, I may have to quit my teams
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    Re: Problem with new computer

    so you can't access your email you signed up with? is that correct?

    i'd send a pm to Vashon to see if he can supply it in some form. i really don't know what options are realistic w/o an email.
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    Re: Problem with new computer

    I finally did get an account set up with my current internet provider (my former email address had been with my old provider, and I never thought to get a new one at the time- a couple of years ago-since I rarely used email at the time)

    I then asked for the password reset an hour ago, but haven't gotten a response, I'll look again on the email inbox tomorrow afternoon.

    Note: All the email providers seem to be obsessed with me providing them with current email addresses (Apparently it doesn't occur to them that people might be going to set up an email because they don't have a current email address) and/or mobile phone numbers (I have an older cell phone, but I only have it for emergency purposes, so I only cut it on to make calls, thereby never needing to learn the number-I absolutely loathe talking on phones. I have the number written down somewhere, but I'd obviously not want to scour through half the house unless I really had to)

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    Re: Problem with new computer

    Ok, right now, it wouldnt send me a password reset for my old account. However it did allow me to create a new account.

    So, would there be anyway to get my old teams to my new account?

    Note: I'll send my predicament to Vashon as mentioned

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    Re: Problem with new computer

    FYI on the phone number- Every phone I've had has the number stored in it somewhere...also usually on the bill (unless of course it is a pre-paid phone and there isn't a bill).
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    Re: Problem with new computer

    Thanks, I did get a new email now, the problem right now has become convincing my sign-in to send the password reset to new email. It apparently will only do so to my old email address that no longer exist.

    I have managed to create a new csfbl account, but I don't know how or if I can get my old teams moved there or if I should just start over a get new unowned teams or what. If I cant get my old teams, I hope there is some way for them to jettisoned so some other owner can take over, and them not waste away in some old account that cant be accessed.
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