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Thread: 2114 Live Trade Thread

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    Re: 2114 Live Trade Thread

    I dont recall semenov being 3 flips away when he was on my team. Not much of a bat tho regardless. Kinda why i almost kept him at 2B, but decided he would probly end up at 3B
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    Re: 2114 Live Trade Thread

    as i've said elsewhere, the team will eventually be fine. long ball is not deep, having a pure ace covers up a ton of weaknesses, and there's plenty of role players. it's not hard to get the #1 pick and a lot of mid to late 1st type talents if you're willing to be below .500 for multiple years and also trade away multiple top 5 level picks to get those role players. at this point, we could throw BH back in charge of the team and it would probably make the playoffs within a few years. but we probably could have also thrown BH back in charge 3 seasons ago, let him draft Dragomir and collect his top 5 picks, and the team would be not terribly worse off than it is today. just want to be clear that when the team does make the playoffs that we're all aware of the cycling it went through first.

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    Re: 2114 Live Trade Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Rando View Post
    You will be owned on the mats as well owned in this game in few seasons time.

    Wake me up when you are done barking

    Send time and location
    How many more seasons will Rando keep his team under .500?

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