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Thread: High-end starting pitcher available

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    High-end starting pitcher available

    Hi there,

    Our playoff hopes have severely faded, so we're putting Tom Harness out there for trade.

    Yeah -- he's 37, but his last couple seasons are among the most productive of his career. Still going strong at nearly 7 innings/start, and he's a high SY guy so he's got more seasons in him. I can afford to re-sign him if I choose, so this isn't a giveaway. It's just a chance to add an ace heading into the post-season. I'm interested in any discussions that are out there. My LMs are full, but I'd be interested in upgrading prospects at almost any position. Same goes for the majors -- I'd talk about younger players that will contribute when my current prospects have developed.

    So if you have a prospect blocked at the major league level . . . let's talk! Thanks for looking.

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    Re: High-end starting pitcher available

    I'll keep this out there in case someone is looking for a high-end starter.

    My team just is struggling to get into prime time. But there's still some big talent coming up in my LMs, so I'm willing to trade Tom Harness to bolster that pipeline even more.

    Yes. Harness is 38. But look at his stats . . . his WHIP has improved 4 seasons in a row, and all 4 of those seasons have been well below his career norm. He is pitching better than he ever has. So I expect a few more high quality seasons from him because he has elite SY.

    I'm looking for draft picks, prospects, etc. (or major leaguers in their early 20s). I could trade him in a package deal with other position players. Whatever works. I need a long-term option at SS as much as anything, but really will consider any good talent. I won't move him for fringe prospects, so maybe a package is better thing to consider.

    But mostly, there's a bona fide ace available for trade. Someone must want that. If that's you, then let's talk!


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