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Thread: 2039 Season

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    2039 Season

    Other than losing CF Jose Hall Reidsville returns everyone from a season ago. Although Albert Quiroz wont replace Hall's offense, he should be a slight upgrade in the field.

    Reidsville will also add rookies SP Norman Hanner and P Richard Dunn to the staff. Big things are expected from Hanner. Hanner and James Gauthier will make a potent 1-2 punch.
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    Re: 2039 Season

    SS Michael Garrett and P Douglas Kahler are up this year. 2B Alex Olivas takes over at 2B, but he's more of a glove man. They replace 2B James Mayes, SS William Davis, and P Sean Holbrook.

    Mayes was starting to decline; it was time to cut him loose. But he did do well enough to earn an extension at 28. Olivas is a downgrade, but he's passable. In Davis, I'm losing a fair bit of defense, but Garrett's bat should more than make up for it. Holbrook was a great pitcher for me and I'll miss him, but Kahler has a lot of potential.
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    Re: 2039 Season

    Philip Segura was Cargill's only significant free agent signing. The rest of my holes were filled with rookies (CF, 2B and 5th starter). So far the team has failed to show up for the season with a 1-9 start. I may become a seller rather quickly.


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