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Thread: 2001 Season

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    2001 Season

    The Washington State White Caps have traded their number two starting pitcher Pablo Hansen to the Madison WarChiefs to move up 12 slots in the first round of this years draft, along with the 59th pick in round three in a cost cutting move.

    Pablo Hansen had been a stalwart member of the White Caps pitching staff and we wish him well with his new team and in his new division.

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Sochi has given raises to everyone in the organization. It is the general feeling from the front office that the team has more studs than a Kentucky Derby breeding farm. But we wouldn't mind moving up in the draft.

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    Re: 2001 Season

    The White Caps have a few players available for picks. Kevin Dean 28year old international free agent second baseman is available for the super cheap price of a third round pick (I didn’t expect to get both second basemen) or he will continue terrorize the opposing AAA teams this season. Also CF David Alvarado or 2B Albert Green are both contenders for my back up CF slot and would love the chance to start/play for another team. I’d part with Green for a second round pick, and Alvarado for a second round pick as well. I’d also part with one of them for Sochi’s Low Minor super star prospect Steven ‘The Untouchable’ Sharp. So if you can manage to weasel him away from Sochi just let me know...

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Madison came out hot with a 23-4 victory over Tennessee.

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Malcolm Manuel has been sent down to AAA as he just plain sucked as a starter. He was awesome in mid relief however... giving some validity to that whole Malcolm in the Middle thing his teammates always talked about. And long reliever Daniel Stout has been outright released.

    The White Caps have called up 20 year old rookie Robert Gabriele and fan favorite Honest Jon Mathis in their places.

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Talent wise this is not the best draft class. Name wise however it’s stellar! Hong Olive, Plutus Aumiller, Mikahjohn Galusha, Poseidon Ryan, and Smokey Stucker for example.

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Let’s welcome Tats999 to the league who is taking over the Nether Providence Bulldogs. Feel free to post or pm me if you have any questions.

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Tyrus Cobb takes over the LaBums, I mean The Los Angeles Beach Bums. They might be renamed and relocated. Welcome to the league!

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Quote Originally Posted by oldeephus View Post
    Tyrus Cobb takes over the LaBums, I mean The Los Angeles Beach Bums. They might be renamed and relocated. Welcome to the league!
    Thanks glad to be here!

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    Re: 2001 Season

    Daniel Jones with the No No

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