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Thread: 2130 Earth draft

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    Re: 2130 Earth draft

    Quote Originally Posted by starwalker View Post
    If you don't post a pick, or a list within the appropiate time, you are assigned the top draft pick rather than who you want. That's what happened to my 2nd round pick where I picked someone who had already been picked even though I am recovering from knee surgery.
    ok, thanks! (and I hope your recovery is going well!!)

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    Re: 2130 Earth draft

    It's going well, just slower than I want.
    Peace. (Psalm 29:11)


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    Re: 2130 Earth draft

    Quote Originally Posted by jspratjr99 View Post
    Sorry, excuse my ignorance - how did I have Carlos Ruvalcaba as my #1 pick and not get him (David Numbers was my #6)? Thanks!

    To follow up: I've read the "Rules" thread (again) and don't understand the difference between a "Post" and a "List" or an "Auto" in black text and "Auto" in red text; and if I can't make the live draft for whatever reason I get penalized?
    Just to add to Starwalker's explanation, you will have received a Private Message from me when your picks were due, asking you to respond within 24 hours.

    If their pick is next up, some people come and post their selection here on the forum, so the other owners in that block can see which player has already gone. That's when I put the 'POST' in.

    Others who are further down in the block, don't want to broadcast their preferences to the rest of the owners, so they reply to my PM with a list - saying "1. Player A; 2. Player B; 3. Player C" etc. That way, if they are picking third in a block, I can look at that list, and if Player A is still available I can assign them, but if someone in spots 1 and 2 in the block took Player A, I can assigned Player B. When owners send me this preference list, that's when I write LIST.

    If owners don't post on the forum, and don't provide me a list, then I have to auto-assign. I can't see every owner's draft board in-game, so even if you have re-ordered your personal draft list to have a preferred player at no. 1, I'm not able to see it. That's why you need to post or provide me a list. All I can do in the absence of a post or list is assign the highest salaried player left available. As a penalty for owners that don't provide posts or lists, I don't assign the next highest salaried player in strict order, but wait until the end of the block. So if you were first in the block, but someone later in the block chose the highest salaried player via post or list, they would get that player, and everyone who posted or sent a list would also get their choices, and the 'AUTO's (in red) have to wait until the posts and lists have been processed before picking up the remaining highest salaried player. We don't apply this penalty for unowned teams, so that's why there are 'AUTO's in black, because they get assigned the highest salaried player in order in the block (rather than being pushed to the end).

    Finally, some owners might have poor scouting or know they are going to be away at draft time, then they send me a PM such as 'please choose the highest salaried teenager' or 'I'll take the highest salaried pitcher left', or even just 'I'm not around so auto my pick'. For the courtesy of at least letting me know and giving me some instructions, I give a 'INS' and process their pick in order rather than pushing to the end.

    Hope that clears it up, and sorry if it wasn't clear. Most owners who find their way to Earth have been in other live draft leagues before and so are aware of the general protocol, if you haven't then I'm sorry you've learned the hard way this time round - let me know if you have any further questions before next season.
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    Re: 2130 Earth draft

    Thank you for the detailed explanation - now it makes sense!! :-) (and you are correct, first live draft league and it's not a problem, lesson learned!!)

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