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Thread: Frustrating pitcher

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    Frustrating pitcher

    Have a 25-year old pitcher in his 3rd year.

    First year: 4.44 ERA in sparing use. 22 Games, 1 Start.

    Last year: After everyone else proved ineffective, took over the closer role, 1.97 ERA 43 saves, nearly won the FOTY.

    With his 97 FI, and 72 EN, I figured he could be a SP, and planned to move him there if someone was ineffective.

    This year: Unfortunately, started bad, and hasn't improved much. Blew 4 saves in 12 opportunities when I moved him out of spot with a 10.00+ ERA. After 3-4 more relief opportunities, moved him into rotation as experiment, not effective there either, ERA for season stands at 8.64.

    Although it is still early in the season, the season looks like a probably lost cause for the team. I am thinking about moving him to AAA for the rest of the season to avoid a snowballing effect and see if I can coax a comeback season out of him in some capacity. I have actually had success with such an approach with players of a similar age in the past (including a SS, who hit .168 as a sophomore following a great rookie, who came back to be a force for a decade and several All-Star appearances).

    Note: Right now, the division has a juggernaut team, so even if I could scratch my way back in, it'd be to get blasted in the division series (we opened up the season against a took a 4-game sweep, the first 3 games of which we were outscored 29-2). SO, while I am not a tanker, I wouldn't mind having a slightly higher draft pick than normal (I've been cut out of the level where impact SPs fall in the draft-and 3 of my big 4 in the rotation ion recent years is in their mid-30s now-which was why I had hopes for said pitcher to make a conversion into the rotation, which he still might next year.)

    Edit: Actually he is the next game SP, which I'll give him. I don't want to mess with taxing a reliever. Unless he earns a reprieve, one of the 6 relievers (or the holdover in AAA to be recalled) will go into the rotation. THe 3 leading candidates aren't exactly great either. But, they are of an age/talent, I want be broken up damaging.
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    Re: Frustrating pitcher

    This is a computer simulation. If he is statistically a better player than the replacement then you should stick with him. You can't, LET ME REPEAT CAN'T, damage him any more than you are. Sure a bad season season might hurt his career numbers some, but he doesn't sound like a HoF player anyway, so no reason to get overly concerned with his career numbers. You said yourself, you won't win with or without him, so better to keep the better player on the field if it isn't going to damage him. And the only type of players that can really happen to are low minors players between ages 17-21. Now if you have someone with better or near equivalent ratings then fine let him spend a season in AAA otherwise this would be considered tanking in many leagues.
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    Re: Frustrating pitcher

    Well, regardless, his supposed last start ended up being his first win of the season with a 1 ER-8 IP performance (his first career quality start, though only his 5th). So, I'll probably give him a couple more starts regardless. (dropped season ERA to 7.19)

    The reason I mention "damaging" is that I have had players who were going along smoothly in their careers, all of a sudden have a bad year. And while sample size and all, when I took them out things were favorable at least the next season (many times they followed up with one of their better seasons). Whereas if I try to force them through it, for that season it just avalanches, and the stats just keep getting worse and worse. And it seems a toss up whether they shake it off the next season. I mean I do understand the logic that it is all code, but sometimes past experience and all effect your thinking regardless. And while others might consider it "tanking" not to use him. I still will base my decisions off results, no reason to use a 7.00 ERA over a 4.00 ERA solely because the predecessor should be better (within reason). Sometimes players just over or under perform their ratings. (like I said the 9pm start was encouraging, so I'll see what he does the next 2-3 starts). Note: I fully realize, I will make mistakes with this, but I think it is safe to say we all makes mistakes with our teams sometimes, so I can live with it.

    As for the pitcher in question, as far as his talent. True, he isn't likely to be great (awesome FI, which is usually the type I have most success with, I think his SY is also solid off the top of my head) but I do think he could be a solid #3/4 type SP.

    As far as who would potentially replace him? My top 3 candidates are essentially 2 mid-30s guys who have a lot of SP experience for me (one of which, was one of big 3 aging pitchers I had mentioned) who really don't have the stamina to start anymore. And a 29 year old recent FA pickup who has great stamina, his ratings are solid but not great. (ironically his past experience is eerily similar to my 25 year old. Had a great sophomore season as a SP with a 3.13 ERA, then a junior jinx of a season of 7.00+ ERA, then got cut. But his ratings, and smidgen of past experience was enough to take a flyer on him out of the bullpen. I do want to give him a trial at some point during the season in the rotation. (I have a veteran nobody who I placed to start out as my #5, who has pitching out of his mind so far, so he'll probably get his chance when that guy has an inevitable crash)

    But, all in all I do thank you for your input.

    Ironically, at 25, the "frustrating pitcher" is my youngest pitcher (another at 26, and 2 at 27, including a co-ace). Whereas, only 1 position player is over 32 (a 34 year old CF, who has avoided getting cut because his salary is 582K, that and a history for power in bunches).
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    Re: Frustrating pitcher

    Well at noon he had another 1 ER-8 IP performance, so he seems to be stabilizing to the mean finally (Note: and it wasn't SY that was his 2nd highest rating, but CO, don't know why I got it mixed up, and I noticed in the game logs early in the season he was BBing in bunches).

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    Re: Frustrating pitcher

    Ratings are the end all be all of the game in all reality. Stats just go with the flow and help you evaluate but if you have a great understanding for player evaluation and have access to scouting then stats are meaningless.

    A lot of times stats are skewed because of many variables. Stats are really good if you dont have scouting
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    Re: Frustrating pitcher

    Interestingly once he got a couple quality starts under his belt, he has gone off. He has gotten his ERA down to almost 4.00. His record is 6-13, but my offense decides to take a day off sometimes when he pitches well. But, I just ask my pitchers to give up as little as possible, and it is up to my offense to take advantage. If your ERA is in good shape, you're doing your job in my book.


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