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Thread: Star 2B Glickman up for sale (cheap!)

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    Star 2B Glickman up for sale (cheap!)

    Roosevelt Glickman, maybe the best defensive 2B in the league and a very good OBP hitter is available before the season opening. I know he's earning a lot, so I'm not asking for much: a 2nd round pick would do it.

    This is a excellent occasion to boost your team for cheap, if you understand how important is a good defensive middle infield.

    Here's all-star, gold glove and silver slugger Glickman:

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    Re: Star 2B Glickman up for sale (cheap!)

    He's back on the free agent market. Go overpay for him

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    Re: Star 2B Glickman up for sale (cheap!)

    Would have liked to find a way, but that would have sacrificed too much elsewhere.


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