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Thread: State of the League...

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    Re: State of the League...

    ...I know we have the "Milestones" section in the upper area, and doaf has worked hard to keep it up to date. But maybe we can add a section each season in this lower area, so owners can keep track of records as the develop over the course of each season?

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    Re: State of the League...

    Quote Originally Posted by rob276 View Post
    DaveW wants to take over the Plainfield Porkers. He submitted a request yesterday but still doesn't have the team. Can someone assign the team to him?
    I just saw the team in my franchise... thanks for adding me. It looks like I'll just wait until next season to make any changes. If anyone wants to deal... the front office is always answering PMs.

    (By the way, I asked for this team because I live in a town called Plainfield... worked out nicely.)

    Also, on PSFA's... I like 6-8... I've seen up to 13 in one league (24 in one season to seed the pot).

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    Re: State of the League...

    Dave, welcome to the league. Thanks again for joining!

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    Re: State of the League...

    Plainfield's gain is our gain, welcome Dave!

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