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Thread: 2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 5)

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    2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 5)

    Five teams will be required to make their picks each day for 1 Round. If you are first to pick on your day you may post your pick in this thread. If you are 2nd-3rd-4th-5th you must PM the commissioner your selections by the deadline or you will be auto picked. This process will be done until the draft is complete thru Round 1. Sims speed will be slowed to 4 games a day until draft is complete. Any Auto picks will be the highest paid unpicked player. You will be notified by PM only. If your user name and forum name are different it is your responsibility to send the correct PM name to all commissioners.
    Please send the all PMs to jfn99fan.

    |Day 1|- Sunday 12/30/18 - 8pm EST|

    1. St Louis Golden Lights SS Timothy Callaham
    2. Cleveland Great Lakes Brewery P Frank Ferro
    3. Frankenmuth Pilseners P Robert Williams
    4. Schell's Stags 2B Ivan Herb
    5. Minden Dos Equis 1B Christopher Burton

    |Day 2|- Monday 12/31/18 - 8pm EST|

    1. Beaverton Blue Ribbon C Robert Armstrong
    2. Seattle Oranges C Logan Chafin
    3. Newcastle Brown Ale RF William Davis
    4. Big Bend Brewing Company P William Mabry
    5. Yuengling Lagerheads 1B James Massey

    |Day 3|- Tuesday 1/1/19 - 8pm EST|

    1. Boulevard Long Strange Tripels P Kevin Smith
    2. Sandwich HopCats P Brian Barry
    3. Eastlake Legends P Wilford Evans
    4. Shiner Bocks 2B John Long
    5. Good Nature ANNIEs SS Kyle Bishop

    |Day 4|- Wednesday 1/2/19 - 8pm EST|

    1. Michelob Men Of Mystery 2B Joseph Robbins
    2. Nastro Azzurri CF Donald Martin
    3. St Louis Purple Drank CF Cecil Schmid
    4. Grain Belt Belters RF Lee Odell
    5. Berkshire Brewing Gold Spikes LF Henry Fowles

    |Day 5|- Thursday 1/3/19 - 8pm EST|

    1. Guiness Blacks 2B Frankie Shugart
    2. Carlsburg Specials C Damien Warren
    3. Dallas Blondes P Michael Snow
    4. Dagwood's Taste Testers P Michael Huynh

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    Re: 2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 1)

    The 2083 Beer League Draft is now active. Sims will slow to 4/day until draft is complete. Please be sure to send your list in prior to the 8:00pm EST deadline.

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    Re: 2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 5)

    Carlsburg Select
    Damien Warren C 18
    Cloud City Turncoats - Empire Strikes Back, World Series Champs 1991
    Kansas City Monarchs - MLB Throwback, World Series Champs 2032
    Carlsburg Specials - Beer League, World Series Champs 2081
    Texas Rangers - MLB Classic, Kiruna Laplanders - MLB World

    Previous Teams:
    Carls Special - Beer League, Durham Bulls - Red Sox Nation, Houston Astros - MLB NewSchool, Louisville Colonels - MLB Throwback, Massachusetts Minutemen - Viva la Revolucion, Zanesville Jarts - Lawn Chair

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    Re: 2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 5)

    Dallas selects p Michael Snow.

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    Re: 2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 5)

    Where is Dagwoods pick? Auto?

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    Re: 2083 Beer League Draft (Active Day 5)

    Draft is complete I will set the league draft list later today and move to 8/day


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