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Thread: Leaving TT

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    Leaving TT

    I'm leaving TT. It was a fun league. A lot of work, but a fun league for a long time. I don't have the consistent time to effectively oversee this league, and with the waning interest, it seems like the right time for me to sign off. Heck, I lost a money-league fantasy football championship because I didn't have time to change a line up in the playoffs...but I digress.

    I'm still on here a lot, so if you're interested in any other leagues, let me know.


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    Re: Leaving TT

    I've got a heck of a build coming on so I'd love to keep this thing going, but it looks like we may be dead.
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    Re: Leaving TT

    Yeah, this sucks. I think this was the second or third longest ownership I had of all my teams I've ever owned.
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    Re: Leaving TT

    We have two openings in CWS if anyone wants to join there! 4/day and no draft so it's usually only busy during recruiting season!
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    Re: Leaving TT

    Thanks for everything Stampy! Yeah doesn't look like the interest is there either. Out of all the team's I owned, I probably built the most successful team in through this league. It will be sad to see it go.
    Bolts All the Way!

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    Re: Leaving TT

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm View Post
    Yeah, this sucks. I think this was the second or third longest ownership I had of all my teams I've ever owned.
    This league (just before conversion into TT) was my first case of ownership in a private league. I'll probably keep ownership until the axe officially drops for that reason.

    Ironically, of my first 3 private owned teams, the one I never got a championship out of. Of course, 1 of the other 2, I won in the last year and then the league died.


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