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Thread: 1998 New Era draft

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    1998 New Era draft

    Hi everyone... I have agreed to run the draft this season.

    Please note that the draft list will drop overnight Sunday night this week. I will put up a draft board sometime on Monday... probably early evening. Please expect that the first block to be due the evening of Tuesday, 12/18/2018.

    On format:

    I will be using a six-team block format, rather than the 24-hour max per pick that you may be used to.

    You each should expect to get a PM from me roughly 20-23 hours before your block is due (once I have updated the board from the previous day's picks), putting you on the clock. I usually also post a note in the draft thread stating which block is on the clock.

    If you find that you need a little more time to make your pick for whatever reason, I may be able to refrain from updating for an hour or two after the block due date/time passes... just PM me or leave a note in this thread in such a case and I will try to make allowances for it.

    The draft should give everyone a little time to set up for round three before the 7/15 draft date, with little to no need to slow the league sims while the draft is in progress; there are around 70 game days between the draft list dropping and the draft happening, and only about 60 needed to process the draft this way.

    On AUTO picks:

    I assign AUTO picks to teams which do not give any kind of instructions on who they want to draft in the current block, either in the draft thread or by PM to me, by the block deadline. I will give these teams the highest salaried player available at the time of their pick if no other instructions are given. In case of ties in salary, I will use my own discretion as to which player they will receive.

    If you would like to receive the highest paid player regardless, you may PM me with those instructions, and it will not show up as an AUTO pick, but rather a selection made by an active player. AUTO's are indications of infrequent / inactive managers.

    I am able to process other instructions, such as "highest paid teen" or "lowest paid pitcher" and so on. The term "best" is subjective, and I interpret this to mean "highest paid."

    On draft errors:

    If I make a mistake in updating the board, please post a note in the draft thread ASAP. I will want to correct the error with as little impact on future blocks as possible. It is quite difficult to fix a draft pick once the next block is updated.

    If you make an error and I happen to notice it (such as putting a player on your list who already has been selected), I will try to respond to your PM or post as soon as I spot the issue. I can not guarantee that I will catch everything, however.

    If a draft list is too short (you supply four names and have the fifth pick, for example), I will go down your list until it is exhausted, and then assign the highest paid players available to fill in the other spots in your list. I will not mark this as an AUTO, as instructions for your pick were given.

    On current year draft pick trades:

    I see no responses in the draft pick trade thread, so I presume that there are none to reassign. If I am mistaken, please let me know in the very near future.

    If there are trades of current year draft picks after I have posted the draft board, please post a note in this thread so I will be sure to update the draft board accordingly, send future PM's to the correct managers, etc.

    On LM rosters:

    I see only Charlotte as currently having the need to advance players (2) from its LM roster to accommodate picks for the current year draft. Their owner should make space for the new draft class.

    My policy is that I will ensure that everyone selected in the two live draft rounds will make it to the teams that selected them (via AUTO picks or not).

    If you have too many players in your LM's, then just prior to the draft date I will reassign your oldest LM player(s) to your AAA roster, to the point where you have enough space in your LM's for the first two rounds of picks. If space does not exist on your AAA roster for those players, I will release the oldest player(s) from your AAA roster to be able to advance players from LM's as needed. I will try to keep the highest salaried players on your AAA roster in case of a tie in age.

    For example, if a team has 19 players in its LM, and has one pick in each of the three rounds, I will choose one (the oldest) to advance to AAA within a game week of the draft.

    Any question or concerns?


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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Block one is on the clock. Please reply here or PM me with your draft picks.

    Round 1
    Pick Team Status Selection
    Due Date Tue. 12/18 9PM   
    1 Nuggets Corner Roundabout b8 p6 t6 (basspro62676 ) AUTO Timothy Blauvelt 2B 23 $3,046,000
    2 Memphis Chicks (malfader) AUTO Victor Dunlap LF 21 $2,590,000
    3 San Jose Quakes (Scotsman ) AUTO Jeffrey Brewer RF 21 $2,200,000
    4 Buffalo Stampede (Dave Juul ) AUTO Ryan Gunderson 2B 22 $1,561,000
    5 Florida Diamond Cats (SeekUpSaratoga) LIST Edward Munroe 1B 21 $976,000
    6 Portland Mavericks (phil6654 ) AUTO August Leavitt P 22 $1,477,000
    Due Date Wed. 12/19 9PM   
    7 Edmonton Trappers (BillytheKid) POST Stanley Wagers P 20 $1,435,000
    8 Lake Mary Legion (RyckyRych ) POST Eugene Greene P 18 $976,000
    9 Charlotte Stingrays (omnusra ) AUTO Jeff Dunbar 3B 23 $1,350,000
    10 Tucson Rattlers (Triplett ) AUTO Timothy Knutson SS 23 $1,274,000
    11 Las Vegas Miners (KMS15 ) AUTO Frank Ross 2B 21 $1,120,000
    12 Vancouver Mounties (Mattison ) AUTO Keith Moye CF 23 $1,006,000
    Due Date Thu. 12/20 9PM   
    13 San Antonio Wranglers (Mudpuppy ) AUTO Donald Haller P 22 $980,000
    14 Montreal Royales (orlando17 ) LIST Leon Koch 2B 18 $445,000
    15 Indianapolis Racers (bosox22 ) AUTO Richard Noyes P 19 $865,000
    16 Calgary Cannons (chalst53 ) AUTO Joseph Williams CF 20 $840,000
    17 Fresno Pilots (gsabino ) LIST Samuel Kirk C 19 $823,000
    18 Louisville Sluggers (beanballer43) AUTO Joshua Leonard P 21 $823,000
    Due Date Fri. 12/21 9PM   
    19 Sacramento Sonics (DaveW ) POST Jeffery Bowden 2B 18 $683,000
    20 Columbus Capitals (babieblue961 ) AUTO Michael Hunter 1B 21 $816,000
    21 Minneapolis Millers (blackjack ) LIST Gregory Looney LF 17 $575,000
    22 Brooklyn Dodgers (historyguy65 ) AUTO Stephen Wilcox P 21 $725,000
    23 Winnipeg Highlanders (dk161 ) LIST Jhonny Davenport SS 19 $194,000
    24 Edmonton Trappers (BillytheKid) LIST Robbie Becker SS 22 $450,000

    Round 2
    Pick Team Status Selection
    Due Date Sun. 12/23 9PM   
    25 Nuggets Corner Roundabout b8 p6 t6 (basspro62676 ) AUTO Robert Lewis 2B 20 $717,000
    26 Memphis Chicks (malfader) LIST Eric Reuter P 20 $703,000
    27 San Jose Quakes (Scotsman ) LIST Alexander Verdin P 21 $714,000
    28 Buffalo Stampede (Dave Juul ) AUTO David Day P 23 $705,000
    29 Florida Diamond Cats (SeekUpSaratoga) AUTO Russell Carlson P 19 $636,000
    30 Portland Mavericks (phil6654 ) AUTO Michael Armstrong P 21 $581,000
    Due Date Mon. 12/24 9PM   
    31 Edmonton Trappers (BillytheKid) POST Jeffery Davis RF 19 $572,000
    32 Lake Mary Legion (RyckyRych ) AUTO Rex Hays 2B 19 $574,000
    33 Charlotte Stingrays (omnusra ) AUTO William Guth P 20 $551,000
    34 Tucson Rattlers (Triplett ) AUTO Joan Wingert 3B 21 $544,000
    35 Las Vegas Miners (KMS15 ) AUTO Kevin Li 3B 20 $444,000
    36 Vancouver Mounties (Mattison ) AUTO Donald Cody P 20 $418,000
    Due Date Tue. 12/25 9PM   
    37 San Antonio Wranglers (Mudpuppy ) AUTO Robert Stewart 1B 22 $404,000
    38 Montreal Royales (orlando17 ) LIST Joshua Sandoval P 22 $50,000
    39 Indianapolis Racers (bosox22 ) AUTO Henry Baron P 19 $400,000
    40 Calgary Cannons (chalst53 ) AUTO Ray Moore P 20 $399,000
    41 Fresno Pilots (gsabino ) LIST Jack Oakes P 20 $374,000
    42 Louisville Sluggers (beanballer43) AUTO Angelo Purnell P 20 $390,000
    Due Date Wed. 12/26 9PM   
    43 Sacramento Sonics (DaveW ) POST Michael Drew SS 17 $50,000
    44 Columbus Capitals (babieblue961 ) AUTO Wayne Oliver LF 21 $387,000
    45 Minneapolis Millers (blackjack ) LIST Gilbert Topete 3B 18 $357,000
    46 Brooklyn Dodgers (historyguy65 ) AUTO Shannon Foster P 19 $372,000
    47 Winnipeg Highlanders (dk161 ) LIST Abraham Lee P 21 $212,000
    48 Fresno Pilots (gsabino ) LIST Bernard Dawson P 20 $308,000
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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Yeesh not a good start

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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Block 2 is on the clock.

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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveW View Post
    Block 2 is on the clock.
    P Stan Wagers

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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Lake Mary selects P Eugene Green

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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Block three is on the clock.

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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Dog gone it. I could have sworn I sent a list.

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    Buffalo Bengals (3 - 0) 2077,2099,2103
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    Teams no longer owned (4 - 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Juul View Post
    Dog gone it. I could have sworn I sent a list.

    Not to worry! This is one of the worst drafts Ive ever been apart of in all my years in CSFBL!

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    Re: 1998 New Era draft

    Block four is on the clock.

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