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Thread: 2000 Traded Picks

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    2000 Traded Picks

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    Re: 2000 Traded Picks

    Cybertron acquires Oklahoma 2000 1st rounder

    A trade proposed by the Cybertron Beetles ( to the Oklahoma City Outlaws ( has been accepted. Details of the trade follow.

    Trade proposal comments from Cybertron Beetles: For your 1st rounder next year
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    Re: 2000 Traded Picks

    2000 Cybertron 2nd rounder to Lake Mary

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    Re: 2000 Traded Picks

    Quote Originally Posted by stumblebee View Post
    2000 Cybertron 2nd rounder to Lake Mary

    I'll need your 2nd next season this one. I don't usually like PO pitchers and Sanford is a proven commodity."
    - Owner, Lake Mary Legion
    From Cybertron Beetles:
    P: Rodney Brown ($2,029,000)
    From Lake Mary Legion:
    P: Thomas Sanford ($3,181,000)

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    Re: 2000 Traded Picks

    It appears that all current year (2000) picks have been assigned. If any have been missed, please let me know.


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