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Thread: Trade Talk Central

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Conroe trade block. Looking for draft picks or prospects

    C Kevin White - 20-25 homerun guy with great RA and GL

    1B Charles Morey - elite power with 45+ homeruns and a great glove

    3B Bruce King 27 y/o with great DI and decent RA

    CF Gordon Gale - elite DI and SL as a 40+ homerun guy and a career .400 OBP.

    Would also be willing to trade pitchers:

    P Robert Guy

    P Bruce Ames

    P Bradley Brown

    P George Montalvo

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    The 7th overall pick is no longer available.
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    Re: Trade Talk Central

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Looking to see who needs a 3rd baseman
    Dallas Elliott
    On the market. Picks or prospects wanted
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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Lexington looking for SP or draft picks. Have quite a few very good young OF's if anyone is interested.

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Brandon is looking to move up a few spots in the draft. Will include the 24th pick in any deal

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    will listen to offers for the 7th pick - this is a great pitching draft but i am pretty well set there, looking to acquire 25 or younger hitters in a trade for the pick!

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Lake Mary would consider the right deal to either move up or acquire picks, however I would also look at any deal that deals away my draft for a significant young bat that can play at least some defense, though that would not be a dealbreaker. Get creative.

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