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Thread: Trade Talk Central

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumblebee View Post
    Dunlap has been traded!

    still willing to listen on Cintron and his endless string of MVP level performances -

    and also listening on my 26 year old ace John Boicey -

    definitely not itching to move Boicey but I have some excess young pitching and wouldn't mind gathering pick/prospect concepts to replenish and save on my front office cash
    Can't believe I missed out on Dunlap. Been trying for him since his rookie season. Congratulations on your Champion too

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    thanks man! That was a crazy hard fought WS, I thought for sure you had us

    and yeah lol you had been after Dunlap for years, he was your mcm!

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Looking for a SS and SP.
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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Ok, Sunizona is back again looking to help playoff contenders.

    LF William Sanders (28)- Hit 56 HR last season.
    2B John Justus (28)- 4x Gold Glover who is in his peak, pure defensive player who can hit a little against lefties.
    DH Larry Neary (26)- .292 career AVG who is young and improving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by V.I. Incandenza
    man it's also really funny to see how much negative war prople have on their rosters. it's like dog by definition you can immediately replace that guy for free

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    Re: Trade Talk Central

    Brandon currently has a surplus of pitching! If anyone needs a pitcher id be willing to part with one or two for the right deal! Look at my roster and make an offer, the price will depend on the pitcher.

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