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Thread: Little League 2040 Draft

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    Little League 2040 Draft

    Block 1: PaulTakeo; tychi88; Dave Juul; SeekUpSaratoga; ppinata; MJC7
    Block 2: Dennis4485; danielpaton; Grimm; CelticWarrior; JamesJustin; unowned
    Block 3: Wranglerx1973; R. Dillman; grwatts; unowned; Trashman; bigdbpimpin1
    Block 4: wolfpac255; ClintWilley; bigdbpimpin1; unowned; beanballer43; Sharpe Dispenser
    Block 5: SeekUpSaratoga; MJC7; ppinata; Dave Juul; Grimm; CelticWarrior
    Block 6: PaulTakeo; JamesJustin; Dennis4485; danielpaton; tychi88; unowned
    Block 7: Wranglerx1973; R. Dillman; grwatts; unowned; Trashman; bigdbpimpin1
    Block 8: wolfpac255; ClintWilley; christo0425; unowned; beanballer43; Sharpe Dispenser

    Round 1
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 1  Due: Dec 6th @ 12:00 PM
    1Panda Express RockiesPaulTakeoPMP Danny Briggs
    2Benton Barbershop Bravestychi88LiveP Christopher Foster
    3Campbells Pub MetsDave JuulPMP Eddie Adams
    4Truro Vineyards RoyalsSeekUpSaratogaLiveP Robert Boulanger
    5The Ginger Man AngelsppinataPMP Frank Harmon
    6Northwind Engineer RaysMJC7PMC Stanley Anderson
     Block 2  Due: Dec 7th @ 12:00 PM
    7Old Engine House Inn Red SoxDennis4485Live3B Adan Beene
    8Porthead Tavern DodgersdanielpatonLiveSS Donnell Loftis
    9Handsome Henry's IndiansGrimmLiveP Howard Blum
    10Joe's Mart AstrosCelticWarrior-SS Timothy Rodriquez
    11Bojangles Blue JaysJamesJustinPMSS Robert Bogan
    12Pizzeria Picco PhilliesunownedAuto2B Eric Finch
     Block 3  Due: Dec 8th @ 12:00 PM
    13Joe's Crab Shack OriolesWranglerx1973PMP Ken Bland
    14Dark Matter TigersR. DillmanLiveP David Titus
    15Silky O'Sullivan's TwinsgrwattsPMP Samuel Bryant
    16Enns Pontiac GiantsunownedAutoP Brent Hendon
    17Habib's 7 Eleven NationalsTrashmanAutoCF Jordan Hall
    18Woody's White Soxbigdbpimpin1AutoC David Cook
     Block 4  Due: Dec 9th @ 12:00 PM
    19Bill's Pub North Pirateswolfpac255Auto3B James Montgomery
    20Seneca Lake MarinersClintWilleyAutoP Bill Holden
    21Woody's White Soxbigdbpimpin1Auto1B Clark Hays
    22Beau Jo's YankeesunownedAutoLF Chad Deen
    23Black Bear Winery Cubsbeanballer43PMSS Roger Jeanlouis
    24Punch Bowl Social RedsSharpe DispenserPMP Jason Cleveland
    Round 2
    #Team NameOwnerMethodPlayer
     Block 5  Due: Dec 10th @ 12:00 PM
    25Truro Vineyards RoyalsSeekUpSaratogaLiveC Doug Pruitt
    26Northwind Engineer RaysMJC7PMP Scott Kunkel
    27The Ginger Man AngelsppinataPM1B Steven Hurlbut
    28Campbells Pub MetsDave JuulPMP Sean Vandenberg
    29Handsome Henry's IndiansGrimmPMP Walter Tucker
    30Joe's Mart AstrosCelticWarrior-2B John Willis
     Block 6  Due: Dec 11th @ 12:00 PM
    31Panda Express RockiesPaulTakeoPMP Timothy Hinkle
    32Bojangles Blue JaysJamesJustinAutoP Thurman Marin
    33Old Engine House Inn Red SoxDennis4485AutoC Robert Rice
    34Porthead Tavern DodgersdanielpatonAutoLF Maurice Zager
    35Benton Barbershop Bravestychi88PMP Walter Bowman
    36Pizzeria Picco PhilliesunownedAutoP Curtis Wickstrom
     Block 7  Due: Dec 12th @ 12:00 PM
    37Joe's Crab Shack OriolesWranglerx1973PMP Steven Ritch
    38Dark Matter TigersR. DillmanPMP Joseph Allen
    39Silky O'Sullivan's TwinsgrwattsPMP James Lewis
    40Enns Pontiac GiantsunownedAuto1B Robert Young
    41Habib's 7 Eleven NationalsTrashmanAutoRF Richard Jones
    42Woody's White Soxbigdbpimpin1AutoRF Mark Lowe
     Block 8  Due: Dec 13th @ 12:00 PM
    43Bill's Pub North Pirateswolfpac255AutoP Kent Davis
    44Seneca Lake MarinersClintWilleyAutoP Eugene Freeman
    45Margaritaville Beach Marlinschristo0425AutoCF Richard Horton
    46Beau Jo's YankeesunownedAutoRF Newton Faulkner
    47Black Bear Winery Cubsbeanballer43PMSS John Gow
    48Punch Bowl Social RedsSharpe DispenserAuto2B Herman Thacker
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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    The Braves select P Christopher Foster.

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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Woody's would love to trade into this draft. I ahve my 1st next season for any 1st this seasons. Plus I have plenty of prospects and young position players i'd deal as well.
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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Truro will take Robert Boulanger, P. Sorry I am a little late. I was up all night sick and just woke up!
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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Block 1 updated. PMs to Block 2.
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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by SeekUpSaratoga View Post
    Truro will take Robert Boulanger, P. Sorry I am a little late. I was up all night sick and just woke up!
    All good, although I hope you're feeling better.
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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by CelticWarrior View Post
    All good, although I hope you're feeling better.
    Thanks! I think the worst is over.

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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Red Sox select: Adan Beene 3B
    For the love of the game.

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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    SS Donnell Loftis
    I just can't look its killing me
    And taking control
    Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
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    But it's just the price I pay
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    Re: Little League 2040 Draft

    Dang this was a touch choice. Indians will take P Howard Blum.
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