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Thread: The position that your team never seems to solve.

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    The position that your team never seems to solve.

    Thinking about this earlier. On of my teams, I've owned for about 40 years, and I never seem to have a good longterm option at CF. It seems since I have had the team, my CF is always some young guy with great RA, but his hitting potential is borderline. They always seem to start out with a .250 or so rookie season. I always get my hope up thinking "at least with his defense, him hitting .250 should be enough to carry in the 9 spot". They then hit .220, I think maybe an aberration. It doesn't turn out to be an aberration. After 4-5 seasons I have to look for a new one. I think the only longterm solutions I have had were a pickup in a trade who hit .270 with speed and walks but no power (though after 4-5 years he transitioned into a 4th OF type for his final 2-3 years). And another one of my drafted, who managed to instead hover around the .240 mark for a decade with about 15 HR pop.

    My current one? Hit .254 his rookie year. Then .216. Now I wish for .216 (though he only played about 85 games this year, my future 2B was ready before the other one was through, so I got creative in getting him into the lineup, where CF turned out to be his most often played position for obvious reasons. He hit .300, so any loss on defense was mitigated.

    Anyway, any lack of luck for the rest here?

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    Re: The position that your team never seems to solve.

    Forgot to mention my woes for another of my teams.

    Most recent pickup. I've had the team through 6 seasons. This team has had trouble with 1B (sort of). When I picked up the team, I also picked up a 1B on the FA scrap heap. An odd defensive specialist. At the time 94RA/85GL. Hit like a weak-hitting middle infielder, though. The team was a mess, so I figured he could give me a glove on the bench (and play occasionally at the 4 corner positions). Unfortunately, every other 1B I get a hold of, collapses, and I end up going to this defensive guy. He actually hit in a couple of years (or at least .250 with 10 HR hitting) so he got into 100 games those years. (and won a GG). Now that the team is good (and he is getting old so the RA is now in low80s) I really could use a real offensive 1B.

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    Re: The position that your team never seems to solve.

    Yeah, sometimes it seems as if there is a hidden curse on some teams.

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    Re: The position that your team never seems to solve.

    Heh, speaking of curses, I seem to have it when I move an older player(early 30s) to a less demanding defensive position. After the switch, they forget to hit.

    Not always of course, but my last 2 (30 year old CF to RF, and 33 year old 3B to 1B) proved to be the case.

    Note: The latter was especially disappointing since the guy was originally a 1B that I moved to 3B to get his bat in the lineup.

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    Re: The position that your team never seems to solve.

    My bullpen is rarely very good, except for the closers who are about half the time.
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