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Thread: NEW vacancy in FrontOffice Baseball.

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    NEW vacancy in FrontOffice Baseball.

    The Dodgers job is now filled.

    The Miami Marlins have become available in FrontOffice Baseball (High activity and old league).

    I am seeking an active manager who likes unique leagues.


    Felexible Salary Cap - It's set at $65m but the hard cap is at $70m.

    Live draft - Auto's go to the end of the block and are also AUTO'd in Round 2.
    It's a very active and swift draft.

    10 PSFA's.

    There is also a side tournament called the Topps Trophy that has just been introduced as a bit of fun.
    The Marlins are actually in the first final to be played in the upcoming season.

    Here is the champions thread -

    Also there are draft penalties for fewer than 50 wins in a season, for not being under the cap on 4/2 and for not clearing space in your LM by 6/5.
    Full league guidelines -

    The new season is just beginning.
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