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    Trade Blocks

    People's posts get pushed aside quite quickly from other threads when just in the trade forum so I thought I would create a new thread that people could use to post their blocks.

    From today:

    Philadelphia Phillies - I need to slash payroll so Robert Riley is on the block.

    He is a former MVP with 9 sliver sluggers and 9 all-star selections. Only 32 and is rock solid at 1st base. He has never made an error in his 10 year career.

    Like I said, I'm looking to slash my payroll, so picks are the best option, but will look at players as well.

    Texas Rangers - Texas has several big bats available at all levels. I am mainly looking for pitching help, picks and prospects. Check out my roster HERE. Send me an offer or PM if interested. Thanks.
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    Re: Trade Blocks

    Minnesota is open for business. Anybody over 26 is on the block. I'm looking for pitching or draft picks!


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