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Thread: MLB - A's and Blue Jays

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    MLB - A's and Blue Jays

    I'm not sure how to go about this... but this is a trade that I would like to accept. Who actually approves it? I noticed that both managers are not posting in these threads like bigdb said... is that still a valid condition? Does this even belong here, or should it only go here after the trade is approved by someone?

    Would someone please clarify exactly what I am supposed to do with this offer to accept it? Thanks!

    Trade proposed by Toronto Blue Jays to Oakland Athletics: Accept offer Decline offer
    From Oakland Athletics:
    P: Daniel Carpenter ($4,710,000)
    From Toronto Blue Jays:
    3B: Troy Oxendine ($1,173,000)
    1B: John Kull ($1,188,000)
    First Round Draft Pick: #12 overall
    1B: Philip Kosinski ($901,000)

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    Re: MLB - A's and Blue Jays

    Go ahead and make the trade. Post it here and if someone finds it unfair, then action will be taken. There is no need to get approval any more.
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    Re: MLB - A's and Blue Jays

    Correct. It probably is a good idea to go with the approval process, but we haven't had issue with trades that I know of in a long time, so we haven't been using the process in quite some time.
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    Re: MLB - A's and Blue Jays

    Thanks gents!


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