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Thread: New Owner - Quebec Guzzlers

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    New Owner - Quebec Guzzlers

    Please join me in welcoming Bryan Whitfield (Whit) as the new owner of the Quebec Guzzlers!

    Very enthusiastic, competent and involved, that's Whit! Let him know he's appreciated!

    Regards, Nod.
    "It is what it is"

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    Re: New Owner - Quebec Guzzlers

    Welcome Whit and good luck to you.

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    Re: New Owner - Quebec Guzzlers

    Thanks for the kind words and welcome. Been looking to add some more 2 sim speed leagues. I think I've now maxed out my limit and have more than I've had in a very long time. I'm hoping the two game speed will help me not get too over my head, as I enjoy getting into my teams , but don't want them to consume me either.

    Been changing my team names to names that I've had way back in years past. Ones that remind me of times where I've had a lot of fun in past leagues or really felt connected to that team name.

    Really glad to be a part of another 2 gm speed league. I prefer the slow pace. And, I noticed a bunch of quality 2 gm. simmer owners here and I very much like and appreciate like-minded owners that know how to enjoy the lower pace and pay close attention to the teams they run.

    God Bless you All,
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    Re: New Owner - Quebec Guzzlers

    Welcome and Good Luck!


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