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Thread: Blur outs and championships

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    Blur outs and championships

    I was wondering why blur outs are done the way they are. When I go to look at the blur outs and I've already been following game by game, and I see that the games stopped, that say only 6 games in the end were played, I can tell who won obviously through mathematical elimination.

    I think it would be better to show all games as a blur, and when you watch them in order in the game viewer, then its no problem if the 6th or 7th game for example is blurred out but non existent. At least then you can watch games with surprise, which the feature is meant for...

    Also, it used to be easy to see year by year who won the championship, now I have to go through all kinds of steps just to see, unless I'm missing something.


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    Re: Blur outs and championships

    Championships...League Page>History>Seasons.

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    Re: Blur outs and championships

    Beta, Toronto Black Jays: 2030, 2032, 2092 WS Champs


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