View Poll Results: Should position changes be allowed at any time, or done based on playing time/low minors?

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  • Allow me to change positions any time (once a season max)

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  • Keep the current rules (position changes after playing time, or any time for low minors)

    17 34.69%
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Thread: Position change poll

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    Re: Position change poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm View Post
    I like the proposal of immediate change, but I also have an addition that I never thought to ask about before.

    Surprisingly in all my years playing I've never asked, but is it true that if you have a 2B switch to CF as DTCT suggests, he drops 10%, then if he goes back to 2B, he'll actually drop another 8%? I've always shied away from position switches like that because that's how I interpret the playing out of position. If that's the case, then I'd like to see it changed so if I have a player go back to his original position, his ratings go back to, or at least close to what they were originally.

    Another thought based on concerns others have shared about switching and then dropping a player, etc., but could you have a spot that shows that a player was switched from a prior position?
    This is a good point. And I'm wondering if we adjust penalties based on a player's career playing time at a position. Consider:

    * You have a 2B who has played 200 games in his career at CF.
    * You move him to CF. Normally, actual ratings would drop 8%, but that will get reduced by a to be determined amount based on his past experience at CF.

    * You have a 1B who was originally a SS, he played 800 games at SS in his career.
    * You move him back to SS. Normally, actual ratings would drop 40%, but that will get reduced by a to be determined amount based on his past experience at SS.
    * Numbers: A 50 RA SS becomes a 50 RA 1B. When he goes back to SS, he would normally be a 30 (40% drop). With experience we reduce that drop.

    I think this makes "utility players" more utilitarian, and can offset the more random position changes if you "change them back".


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    Re: Position change poll

    adding utility players would be a nice addition.

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    Re: Position change poll

    Utility players is a great concept. How it is executed will be the question. Do they still have 1 "primary" position but are able to move to the other positions they have played with less penalty or can they become a 2B/SS where their ratings are equal for both? Or set ratings for every position that they are "able" to play?

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    Re: Position change poll

    Did not vote. A lot of topics are brought up in feature requests. Rarely anything is said.

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    Re: Position change poll

    I like that idea. I play guys out of position all the time (when I need their bat and/or their defense.) I try to monitor the number of games they play at a lesser position because it is a killer to lose defensive rating to a lesser position, never to get it back.

    It would be nice to have 2 high range SS, for example, where 1 can be utilized at a position of need without a huge penalty. I think if you have the experience at a position, you shouldn't lose much of the ability to play it again. Natural attrition will occur so a player that plays away from his "natural" position will lose his ratings so it's not like a high range SS can play 1B for 5 years and expect to be the same defensive gem.

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