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Thread: CSFBL - I am back !!

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    CSFBL - I am back !!

    Just want all to know that I want back in to this game - LEG is my first choice as that is my heart - BUT I notice there have been many changes and want to get my feet wet - any leagues that any one can recommend ?
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    Re: CSFBL - I am back !!

    America's Pastime has one opening and we're getting ready to hit post season. We're 4 a day and the team is in need of rebuilding. We do a auto draft.

    Lawn Chair has 4 openings and has just started a new season. We're a 2 a day league and you can pick a good team or a rebuilding job. We do a live draft.

    I can help you in either league.
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    Re: CSFBL - I am back !!

    Welcome back no_statik. I'm sure you'll get back in LEG soon considering your history there. Would love to have you in Goat 4 once Goat 3 concludes in a little over 5 seasons, if a full redraft, limited run sprint interests you at all.

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    Re: CSFBL - I am back !!

    The great and venerable Chi Beta Federation would love to have you join.
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    Re: CSFBL - I am back !!

    No Scouting League

    Brought to you by yours truly

    Welcome back homie


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