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Thread: All Time Best Players-North Division

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    All Time Best Players-North Division

    I will present the very best players from each division that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. If there is a player worthy of representing the division, it's up to you. The only players I listed have been an MVP or CYA winner.


    Donald Coffey P World Series Rings(1) CYA(1) All-Star(8) Gold Glove(1) ROTY

    All Time IP(#8) All Time W(#6) All Time QS(#7)

    Dennis Hall SS World Series Rings(1) MVP(2) All-Star(8)

    Single Season SLG(#9) Single Season HR(#6)

    Donald Alston 1B World Series Rings(1) MVP(1) All-Star(7)

    All Time TB(#10) All Time 3B(#3) All Time HR(#7) All Time R(#7) All Time RBI(#9)

    Single Season 2B(#9)

    Paul Wilson DH World Series Rings(0) MVP(1) All Star(11) Gold Glove(1)

    All Time SLG(#6) All Time AB(#10) All Time PA(#10) All Time H(#7) All Time TB(#4) All Time 2B(#9) All Time HR(#2) Al Time R(#5) All Time RBI(#2)

    Single Season SLG(#5 & #8) Single Season OPS(#8) Single Season TB(#3 & #5) Single Season HR(#6) Single Season R(#2) Single Season RBI(#8 & #9)
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    Re: All Time Best Players-North Division

    Wow this is painful to revisit - the Dennis Hall trade... Back in my earliest days of CSFBL when I thought a 3rd round pick was worth something...

    I think this would have to be the worst trade I ever made in CSFBL, in fact it was so bad I'm surprised the mentors didn't stop it. I knew it was bad even at the time, as I had made the decision straight off to build from scratch, so was desperate to sell anyone of value to get what picks I could and also make sure I had a bad record to get high draft picks (this was my first and only experiment with the 'tank and bank' strategy, which I've come to despise). I'd been trying ship both Hall and Herrera for nearly two seasons and getting no takers, when this 'deal' was negotiated. Giving up a Cy Young award winner and HoF shortstop for a mediocre 3B, a decent LF, and a mid-3rd round pick. Ouch. Perhaps the greatest irony is that the two vastly inferior players I got in the trade both wound up with more rings on their fingers than the stellar players that departed...

    Thanks for reminding me of how little I knew about CSFBL back in the day Fyewiks, I can't wait to see what other skeletons you pull out of my closet!!!
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    Re: All Time Best Players-North Division

    As the Walker Park owner - I have to pick Alston. Also, almost 200 of Paul Wilson’s HRs we’re in another division...... Okay my COMPLETELY BIASED opinion has been offered.

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    Re: All Time Best Players-North Division

    Donald Coffey becomes the 1st Pitcher and 4th Overall player to make the North Division list! And the only player to make any of the Division lists from the 2005 HOF induction group.
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