Ricky Bullock-2B. Looking to shed salary. While he is 35 years old, he still has excellent BA and RA ratings. COuld probably be useful to a contender for 2-3 more years.

William McCollum-C. 26 year old. 84-SL/97-AR combo. Probably looking for an early 2nd rd pick (though could probably work something out with extras going back and forth, if a later 2nd rder.

I could also be up to trade away a couple of young pitchers, but I haven't had a chance to evaluate what I want to do with my pitching. (probably have a better idea tomorrow)

My biggest need is a CF who can actually provide a little offense. (love it, if he had some good speed, but if can provide a little more offense than my current one, and still be solid defensively, I'd probably be satisfied.