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Thread: 400 Wins/5,000 Ks

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    400 Wins/5,000 Ks

    George Turner just won his 400th game! Just a few starts after he earned his 5,000th strikeout!

    Still going strong at 41, but he lost 5 points of SY at the flip, so I'm not sure how many more years he can keep this up. He is 6th in the league in career wins, but just 4 away from 5th and 9 from 4th. 5th place should be his by the end of the year, and if he returns next year, 4th place should follow as well. He is also 4th in career K's, but would need another 1,180 to move into 3rd. Safe bet that isn't happening.

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    Re: 400 Wins/5,000 Ks

    Amazing player


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