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  • Implement the minimum win rule as proposed (55/yr, 190/3 yr period)

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Thread: POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

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    POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?


    POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

    My thoughts:
    There are a few teams who for the last few years I feel are not doing their best to field a competitive team or improve year over year. Now that we are rated a "High" activity league, I want to ensure we keep the competitiveness up.

    Also, I'm just being realistic, I know "not trying" can be beneficial, especially if you are totally out of it after a few months of the season, but we need to keep a balance and not just sit stud players for scrub players for 3 years straight to horde up #1 picks.

    At the same time, I don't have the time to check everyones lineup and to message them to find out what their intentions are.

    I am a part of Peter Gammons Memorial League and they have a minimum win rule which I think is fair and allows a balance for teams to rebuild yet requires them to improve in the long term. Here is the change I would like to implement:

    -55 Wins per Season
    -190 Wins over the course of 3 seasons.

    -If a team does not meet the minimum win requirement, their next available 1st round draft pick will be moved down 5 slots in the draft order. This does not include picks that are already traded, but it does include picks that are traded after a team is penalized. (Example: A team wins 54 games in 2097. It has already traded its 2098 1st round draft pick. Its 2099 1st round pick is penalized. Then it trades its 2099 pick. The pick is still penalized.)

    New owners are immune to the 190 minimum until their 3rd season, but are still required to win the single season minimum of 55.

    I would keep track on a spreadsheet offline the amount of wins each team needs to acheive and post in the forums before each year

    I feel this is very fair to keep the competitiveness yet still allow teams to do a complete teardown if necessary. This would take effect with the 2100 season, and the rolling 3 year will take effect on the 2102 season. Because this was not a rule before this season, standings from this year would NOT be considered.

    Here are the poll options:
    -Yes, I agree with the rule above and support it
    -No, We don't need a minimum win rule
    -Other, Please elaborate in thread.
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    Re: POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

    I would recommend changing the top up rule to 180 over 190

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    Re: POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

    I don't see it as necessary because it's barely needed.

    Last season it effected 0 teams.
    Two seasons ago it effected two, but one was just one win short.
    Only one team three seasons ago.
    No teams four seasons ago.
    Then one.
    Then none.
    Then one.

    And so on and so on.

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    Re: POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

    Only 10 votes on this so far and the decision is pretty split...

    Please vote if you haven't so I can make a decision

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    Re: POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

    No to the 55 Wins per Season but Yes to 180 Wins over the course of 3 seasons.

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    Re: POLL: Should we implement a minimum win rule?

    Ok most of the voters want some type of minimum win rule.... there were a few suggestions which were valid which I want to gauge and see what the league likes... Please vote in the second poll I will be posting...


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