Last several years I have had 2 CFs that I have flipped back and forth between there and RF. (similar RA). Last year I finally committed to moving the older one to RF (he was 29 last year, 30 this year)

The previous 4 years he had been pretty consistent hitting about .270-.280 with an OBP about .360-.375. This year .213 BA, .304 OBP. 169 ABs thus far. I know it is a little early. But, I have seen similar patterns quite a few times before. (almost like they are sulking). (this is also a little distressing in the fact my DH is slumping similarly, and my 2B* spot is pretty much a blackhole, where I have inserted my backup 1B-who is hot this year-and going with two good D 1B on the right side. Also that other CF is only hitting around .220, but his OBP is just under .390, so I don't complain about him too much)

Anyway, just wondering if anybody else seem to face this problem.

*The perennially underachieving incumbent 2B, I finally had enough of when he started out hitting .221, the rookie (with excellent RA) got the call but .145 is stretching justifying going with his defense. Probably will ride the backup 1B until he drops back towards his usual self, and return the rookie for another trial.