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Thread: 2021 season

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    2021 season

    I could only afford 4 starting pitchers this season so I went with a 4 man rotation. They've been amazing, but I keep hoping I would build a lead so I could rest them and not get to the playoffs with them at 25% SeaFat. But Charleston and Kannapolis refuse to let up and I'm not getting the opportunity.

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    Re: 2021 season

    That's a great plan, but I'm not surprised that the owners in that division aren't giving you the opportunity to run away with it!

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    Re: 2021 season

    Kannapolis is starting to be annoying. They started the year slowly and I thought, finally, this is the year I get to coast to a playoff spot. But somewhere around the end of June they just instantly transformed into a much better team. Started the year 37-37, since then are 32-9... so it looks like it's going to be a battle.

    In Charleston we're also going with a 4-man rotation for the most part... it would be working better if last year's Cy Young winner Jeffrey Riley didn't completely forget how to pitch this year, but the other guys have done their jobs. First baseman Kim Bradley is having a season for the ages on offense for us, hopefully it will be enough. If we make it to the playoffs then it will be time to avenge that massively disappointing performance last year where we got swept by Asheville.

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    Re: 2021 season

    Albany is also going with a 4-man rotation....sort of. It's 4 guys and my boy Daniel Hill, who I'm desperately trying to get to the top spot on the all-time wins list. He won 4 straight starts in June-July to get tied with the great Roger Spates at 367 wins, but otherwise has been bombed pretty much every time out. I'd say please, just one more win and I can put him out to pasture, but David Garza is in the rear view mirror at 356 and is a year younger (40 vs 41).

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    Re: 2021 season

    Asheville is collapsing and on a 4-13 stretch. My starters are tired and usually only make it 5 or 6 innings. Then with my budget bullpen they have to hold their breath for the rest of the game. Overall my bullpen is 9-22 with 16 blown saves.

    Also Kannapolis and Greensboro are both surging. Asheville may not even finish in the top half of the division.


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