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Thread: Available Teams

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    Quote Originally Posted by safwan View Post
    Hello thank you.As a new owner of Philadelphia fish I will do my best and make this team success.Wish for help and guide.

    Thank you.
    This league has graduated from being a mentor league, meaning it’s now just a standard league, however I do recommend reading the help guide which is located in the drop down menu located in the upper right hand corner on the CSFBL header under the title of How to Play. There is a ton of good information that helps players new and old.

    In addition I (Oldeephus or the other commish, Jsch08 ) will gladly answer any questions you have. Feel free to post any questions or send a private message (pm) to either one of us. And that applies to anyone btw.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Available Teams

    Thanks! Handling the Boulders looks like an exciting challenge, we got plenty of old bones!

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